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How To Prevent Dust At Home (Without Needing To Dust Every Single Day)

Add one tip at a time until these changes become dust-busting habits.

Tonya Harris, M.S.
August 3 2021

3 Surprising Places Mold May Be Lurking In Your Kitchen + What To Do

Word to the wise: Pay attention to the area behind your fridge.

Michael Rubino
July 24 2021

Yikes: This Summertime Habit Can Actually Lead To Mold At Home

Be careful about how you're letting the outside in.

Michael Rubino
June 25 2021

You're 4 Steps Away From Never Having A Moldy Shower Curtain Again

A mold remediation expert explains how to prevent the dreaded grime.

Michael Rubino
May 30 2021

The Best Natural Detergent For You, Depending On Your Laundry Needs

These 12 detergents make laundry a whole lot more painless—for you and the planet.

Emma Loewe
April 30 2021

How To Keep Your Stovetop Sparkly Clean—Using Only 3 Ingredients

Say goodbye to that weird pasta sauce stain that's been there forever.

Tonya Harris, M.S.
April 15 2021

How To Keep Your Wood Cutting Boards Smelling Fresh (& Not Like Garlic)

Pro tip: Grab a lemon and some salt—and maybe some baking soda.

Sarah Regan
April 8 2021