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Leave Negativity At The Door With These Sacred Home Cleanses

"Know that all the good housekeeping that you are performing is actually prayer in motion."

Queen Afua
March 4 2021

Swap Your Questionable Toilet Cleaner With This Sudsy 2-Ingredient DIY

You probably already have both of them in your kitchen.

Tonya Harris, M.S.
January 31 2021

5 Dangerous Myths About Removing Mold At Home, From A Remediation Expert

Myth 1: If you dry out your space, the mold goes away.

Michael Rubino
January 28 2021

Our 9 Favorite Candles To Keep Things Cozy This Winter

Here's how we're keeping the fire burning until spring.

Emma Loewe
January 20 2021

A Shortcut That'll Make Cleaning Your Home Less Time Consuming

Straight from two people who talk about cleaning for a living.

Emma Loewe
November 29 2020

11 Ways To Use Vinegar For Cleaning (Like, Everything) Around The House

Here's how to recruit this pantry staple for cleaning all around your home.

Sarah Regan
November 20 2020

How To Thoroughly Clean Your Humidifier (Because It's Probably Time)

Here's how to keep the winter staple from getting gunky.

Sarah Regan
November 19 2020

It's Time To Deep Clean Your Toothbrush, According To An Endodontist

Electric or manual, your brush needs a good rinse every once in a while.

Emma Loewe
November 17 2020

These 18 Cleaning Products Are Safe & Sustainable—And They Actually Work

Here's what to look for—and what to avoid—when choosing a new cleaner.

Emma Loewe
October 18 2020

Your Shower Curtain Is Gross: Here's How To Keep It Clean & Mold-Free

Anywhere in your home that experiences excess moisture needs to be given special attention.

Sarah Regan
September 16 2020

Are Your Household Staples *Really* BPA-Free? An MD Offers 3 Tips To Tell

You have the power to create a truly BPA-free household. Just mind these three tips.

Jason Wachob
September 9 2020