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Add This Hack To Your Shower Routine For Better Sleep & Less Stress

PSA: Your shower can be more meaningful than you think.

#stress #sleep #aromatherapy
Hannah Frye
January 4

Why "Doing Nothing" Won't Fix Your Burnout + What To Try Instead

Are you resting, or rejuvenating?

#empowerment #Mental fitness #stress
Katina Bajaj
January 3

There's No Quick Fix For Stress, But These Devices Can Help You Manage It

For when deep breaths and fresh air aren't cutting it.

Shannon Ullman
December 31 2022

Embodying 'Less Is More' Is The Most Potent Way To Boost Well-Being In 2023

When it comes to New Year's resolutions, doing less really truly is more.

#stress #anxiety #depression
Elissa Epel, Ph.D.
December 29 2022

4 Easy Tips To Detox Your Body Every Single Day, Backed By An MD

Detoxing deserves a total rebrand.

#mbgpodcast #gut health #stress
Jason Wachob
December 29 2022

Release Tension & Come Back To Yourself With These 15 Calming Crystals

Plus how to use them.

#crystals #stress #sleep
Kara Ladd
December 27 2022

How To Embrace Uncertainty & Stop Fearing The Unknown, From A Psychologist

Here's how to relax into moments of uncertainty instead of tensing up against them.

#anxiety #stress
Elissa Epel, Ph.D.
December 27 2022

Can You Be Addicted To Self-Help? How To Know You've Crossed A Line

It's more common than you might think.

#stress #anxiety
Hannah Frye
December 22 2022

This Unexpected Ingredient Will Give Your Smoothies An Anxiety-Fighting Kick

Turns out fine-tuning your smoothies to combat stress is simple.

#smoothies #stress #holiday
Sarah Regan
December 20 2022

These 10 Powerful Plants Will Completely Make Over Your Mood

From ashwagandha to saffron.

#Herbs #mbgsupplements #stress #sleep
Emma Loewe
December 17 2022

Are Ice Baths Worth It? What Experts Say About Their Benefits

Who's ready to take the plunge?

#Mental fitness #stress #anxiety #sleep
Julia Guerra
December 16 2022

Research Reveals This Sweet Can Help Ease Stress Hormones

If you love dark chocolate, read this.

#hormones #stress #sugar-free #sugar
Hannah Frye
December 12 2022

4 Of The Year's Best CBD Products (From A Wellness Editor Who's Tried It All)

Plus, the ones I wouldn't order again.

#CBD #stress #sleep
Emma Loewe
December 8 2022

From Teeth To Tornadoes: 17 Of The Most Common Dream Symbols & What They Mean

From teeth falling out to being back in high school.

#sleep #stress
Sarah Regan
December 7 2022

3 Ways To Improve Digestion & Gut Health — Without Changing Your Diet

Digestion doesn't start in the mouth—it starts in the brain.

#stress #digestion #gut health
Abigail Hueber, RD, LDN
December 5 2022

The Mistake Fitness Experts Say People Make With The 12-3-30 Treadmill Workout

The 12-3-30 workout is effective—but it's not magic.

#Heart #stress #running #Walking
Adam Meyer
November 30 2022

Wellness Trends 2023: The Top 3 Fitness Trends To Watch Next Year

From a rise in resistance training to a new era of recovery tools.

#Wellness trends 2023 #stress
mbg editorial
November 29 2022

How To Design Your Home To Support Your Circadian Rhythm, Sleep, & Energy Levels

Small changes can have a bright impact.

#Wellness trends 2023 #toxins at home #sleep #stress
Emma Loewe
November 29 2022

Hot & Cold Therapy Is About To Be Accessible To The Masses: How To Get In On It

Could stress be the doorway to health?

#stress #Wellness trends 2023 #anxiety
Carleigh Ferrante
November 29 2022