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Think You Know What You Want In A Partner? Research Says You Might Not

If you were asked what you're looking for in a partner, what would you say?

Sarah Regan
July 16 2020

Why Video Dates Might Be Here To Stay, Even After Reopening

Video dates actually solve a lot of common dating app problems.

Kelly Gonsalves
June 26 2020

What Does It Mean To Be "Emotionally Unavailable," Really?

How to identify unavailability in a partner—or yourself.

Gigi Engle
March 17 2020

How To Not Lose Your Mind Dating In The Instagram Age, A Dating Coach Explains

What's more difficult: asking someone out on a date or spending countless hours debunking their Instagram activity?

Clara Artschwager
March 4 2020

A 15-Minute Yoga Flow To Cultivate Self-Love & Open Your Heart

It's important to cultivate love for your No. 1—you!

Claire Grieve
February 13 2020