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How To Be In A Relationship When You Love Being Independent

Enjoying independence doesn’t mean you can't also enjoy companionship.

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
December 27 2018

How To Tell Someone's Attachment Style On A First Date

That first conversation can tell you quite a lot.

Peter Lovenheim, J.D.
September 30 2018

Down On Online Dating? You Need To Try It This Way

Are you guilty of superficial swiping? We have the answer you've been waiting for!

March 15 2018

How To Connect For More Mindful Dating (Even Online!)

Yes, you can be mindful and date online.

December 14 2017

How To Be Single Without Being Lonely (According To A Relationship Therapist)

Have you ever thought that if you don’t find a partner with whom you deeply connect, you'll be lonely your whole life? You can still experience the...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
September 5 2017

Don't Start A New Relationship Until You've Done These 4 Things

How long after a long-term relationship should you wait to date?

Kathryn Mitchem
July 18 2017

Is Cuffing Season A Real Thing? 5 Things Experts Want You To Know

As the weather gets colder and the days get darker, people look for comfort in a lot of ways.

Sarah Regan
December 8 2016

Philophobia & 13 Other Love Phobias You Never Knew Existed

"People with metrophobia don't enjoy having their lovers whisper sweet nothings in their ears. On the bright side, you'll be disappointed that your...

Sylvia Smith
July 26 2016