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Save Hundreds On Professional Massage Appointments With These Soothing At-Home Devices

Make relief a part of your daily routine.

#massage #pain
Jenna Tidd
January 5 2023

My Family Trauma Nearly Destroyed My Body — Here's How I Recovered

I was so focused on watching out for my loved ones that I never considered taking care of myself.

#Invisible Illness #pain #Mental fitness
Serena Poon CN, CHC, CHN
December 24 2022

Doctors Couldn't Find The Source Of My Chronic Pain — This Gave Me My Life Back

While no type of therapy is a magic pill, one unexpected experience changed everything for me.

#Invisible Illness #pain
Payton Nyquvest
December 17 2022

Feeling Stiff Lately? You're Not The Only One — Here's What To Do

A lot of factors contribute to joint pain.

#pain #news
Sarah Regan
December 15 2022

Doctors Missed This Diagnosis For 4 Years — Here's How I Coped

The journey led me on a whole new life path.

#Invisible Illness #pain
Andrea Speir
December 10 2022

Sitting All Day? You Need To Pay Closer Attention To Your Office Chair

Sitting doesn't have to cause a backache.

Shannon Ullman
December 7 2022

Saunas & Steam Rooms Are Similar — But Is One Better For Your Health?

Heat therapy is a super—well, hot—topic in the well-being space.

#pain #skin care
Heather Bien
November 25 2022

After Years Of Joint Pain & Rashes, I Was Diagnosed With This Autoimmune Disease

"I knew in my gut this was more than just a cold."

#Invisible Illness #autoimmune #pain
Marie Byrd Alexander
November 12 2022

Struggle With Joint Pain? Research Finds This Simple Thing Can Help

And better than a placebo, at that.

#news #turmeric #pain
Sarah Regan
November 6 2022

After Struggling With Chronic Pain & Fatigue For Years, I Finally Found Answers

Now, I write about characters who have a chronic illness to.

#Invisible Illness #pain
Laura Laakso
October 29 2022

Ease Your Aches & Pains With These At-Home Neck Stretchers

For when you're short on time and can't get to the chiropractor.

#stress #pain #headaches
Josey Murray
October 29 2022

Stiff Back? This Could Be Just What Your Aching Back Is Craving

Flipping upside down has its benefits.

#flexibility #pain
Cathy Nelson
October 17 2022

Sleep On Your Stomach Or Side? These 7 Mattresses Are Your Perfect Fit

Stomach & side sleepers: rejoice.

#sleep #pain
Julia Guerra
September 28 2022

The 7 Best Mattresses For Sleeping Better With Joint Pain & Arthritis

Plus, how your sleep position could affect your joint pain.

#sleep #pain
Jamey Powell
August 31 2022

Always Wake Up With Aches & Pains? These 6 Mattresses Will Change That

Wake up well-rested and pain-free with these top picks.

#sleep #pain
Julia Guerra
August 31 2022

Back Pain Sufferers, These Are The 10 Best Mattresses For Relief

These picks will have your back.

#pain #sleep
Emma Loewe
August 27 2022