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The Best Diet For Chronic Pain Relief, According To New Research

Time to load up on omega-3s and antioxidant-rich veggies.

#Mediterranean diet #pain #inflammation #Antioxidant #news
Emma Loewe
November 23

I'm NY’s First Nurse To Use A Wheelchair: Why Disability Care Needs To Change

I wanted to help others avoid the pain I'd gone through.

#Invisible Illness #pain
Andrea Dalzell
October 28

I'm A PT: This Program Has Revolutionized The Way I Provide Care

HCC has shown me another way to administer health care—one that's better for both patients and practitioners.

#health coaching #pain
Carly Egrie, DPT
October 4

This Stanford Psychiatrist Studied Hypnosis For 40+ Years: 3 Tricks He Swears By

No dangling watch necessary.

#brain #sleep #anxiety #pain #mbgpodcast
Jason Wachob
September 11

Here's How Long You Need To Stay In An Ice Bath For It To Work, Per Experts

The kind of stress we can get behind.

#Mental fitness #stress #anxiety #sleep #pain
Brittany Natale
August 15

Symptoms Of Arthritic Feet + How To Pick The Best Shoes, Per Podiatrists

Plus, the shoes podiatrists want you to avoid.

#pain #Walking
Renee Cherry
August 9

Side Sleeper? These Are The Best Mattresses For Alignment & Pain Relief

We did the heavy lifting to make finding the perfect mattress a total dream.

#sleep #pain
Emma Loewe
June 6

Reasons To Make This Soothing THC Topical Gel Your New Daily Ritual

Wellness is made up of the daily rituals that support our unique needs, and knowing which products to lean on for that extra support is important.

#partner #pain
Devon Barrow
June 5

Lower Your Risk Of Rheumatoid Arthritis With These 5 Basic Habits

Recent research identifies healthy lifestyle factors that help prevent the disease.

#alcohol #plants #pain
Jenny Fant
May 16

If You Struggle With Painful Sex, This Could Be The Root Cause

Plus, four ways to regain pleasure.

#pain #Vitamin D #breath

An Accident Left Me With Debilitating Chronic Pain — How I Found Relief

The fact that people are out there in pain is still what drives me — everyone deserves to live a pain-free life. 

#Invisible Illness #pain

I'm A Nutritional Psychiatrist & This Is A Daily Essential For Joint Health

Your knees will thank you later.

#pain #turmeric #mbgsupplements
Sarah Regan
May 11

If You're Waking Up With Neck Or Back Pain, Try This Type Of Pillow

The votes are in & these feel like sleeping on a cloud.

#sleep #pain
Caitlyn Martyn
April 24

Experts Say To Avoid These Types Of Shoes If You're Prone To Back Pain

Don't let back pain keep you on the sidelines.

#pain #Walking #running
Jayla Andrulonis
April 14

The Best Hand Massagers To Ease Pain From Arthritis + How To Choose

A low-lift way to ease your arthritis pain.

#massage #pain
Brittany Natale
April 1