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A Longevity Expert On The Weird Fruit That's A+ For Blood Sugar Balance

It may not sound like a conventional add to your fruit bowl, but it's been beloved for years in a variety of cuisines and communities.

Jamie Schneider
September 20 2020

New Research Finds Two Ways Sleep Is Essential To Brain Health

Add this to all the other important reasons to prioritize your rest.

Sarah Regan
August 6 2020

4 Life Lessons From An Immunologist Who Faced An Incurable Disease

David Fajgenbaum, M.D., MBA, M.Sc., FCPP, has had four deadly relapses.

Jason Wachob
March 31 2020

New Alzheimer's Blood Test May Improve Diagnosis & Treatment

Feeling forgetful? This test will tell you how serious that may be.

Abby Moore
March 3 2020

Want To Increase Your Longevity? Looking To The Left Might Help

Reducing automotive accidents can be simple.

Abby Moore
February 27 2020

Golfing May Help You Live Longer, New Research Finds

For older adults, finding the opportunity to exercise in a nonstrenuous and comfortable environment can be difficult.

Christina Coughlin
February 13 2020