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The Shocking Tip That Will Help You Build Muscle, From A Nurse Practitioner

Optimal muscle health requires multiple approaches.

#sleep #longevity
Jamie Schneider
September 30 2023

This Is How Alcohol Affects The Brain (Yes, Even Moderate Amounts)

Can moderate drinking cause brain damage?

#longevity #alcohol #brain
Hannah Frye
September 28 2023

This Dietary Pattern Was Linked To Longevity In More Than 5,000 People

What you consume today affects your health down the road.

#mbgsupplements #longevity #Vitamin D #Mediterranean diet
Morgan Chamberlain
September 27 2023

How These Neurologists & Psychiatrists Support Brain Longevity Daily

Few things top brain health when it comes to longevity.

#mbgsupplements #brain #longevity
Morgan Chamberlain
September 26 2023

I’ve Studied Mindfulness For 45+ Years: How To Think Yourself To Better Health

Behold, the "mother of mindfulness."

#mbgpodcast #longevity #brain
Jason Wachob
September 25 2023

This Supplement Is The Secret To Sleeping Through The Night After 50

As we get older, sleep can become a challenge.

#mbgsupplements #sleep #longevity
Emma Loewe
September 21 2023

The No. 1 Tip You Need To Live To 100, From A Longevity Expert

Prepare to be floored.

#longevity #healthy aging #mbgpodcast #Strength Training
Jamie Schneider
September 20 2023

3 Underrated Daily Habits To Live 10 Years Longer, From A Longevity Expert

Everyday behaviors ladder up to an exceptionally long life.

#longevity #mbgpodcast #Strength Training #social good
Jason Wachob
September 18 2023

Curious About Blue Zones? How Your City Could Become The Next One

Step inside the push to increase American longevity.

#longevity #environmentalism
Emma Loewe
September 15 2023

What We're Getting Wrong About The Mind-Body Connection, According To Research

Every thought you have affects every part of your body.

#Mental fitness #longevity
Ellen Langer, PhD
September 13 2023

How Often You Should Exercise To Support Your Memory As You Age

We all want to retain our memories, and research shows there are things we can do to make that more likely.

#longevity #brain #mbgsupplements
Sarah Regan
September 12 2023

This Type Of Weight Loss Could Actually Shorten Your Life Span

Keeping a steady weight may be the secret to longevity.

#metabolism #longevity #healthy aging
Molly Knudsen, M.S., RDN
September 12 2023

Want To Age Well? Don't Skimp On This Longevity-Supporting Fat

Being strategic with nutrition can help you spend your later years in good health.

#mbgsupplements #longevity #omega-3
Morgan Chamberlain
September 8 2023

Found: An MD's 3-Step "Longevity Circuit" For Optimal Well-Being

It all starts in the sauna.

#mbgpodcast #immunity #longevity
Hannah Frye
September 8 2023

How Music Therapy Helps People With Dementia Access Buried Memories

Music therapy provides a vehicle for self-expression and connection with loved ones, even when language fails.

#longevity #brain
Emily Kelleher
September 5 2023

New Research Reveals A Key Habit For Heart Health (Not Exercise)

One more reason to catch those zzz's.

#mbgsupplements #Heart #longevity #sleep
Sarah Regan
September 5 2023

If You Do This To Fall Asleep, You May Be At Greater Risk Of Dementia

Here's what to do instead.

#sleep #longevity #mbgsupplements
Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
September 3 2023

How I Managed My Life-Threatening Health Issues After Years Of Suffering

A serious of infections compounded by PCOS wrecked my health.

#Invisible Illness #longevity
Renée Marie Joyal
September 1 2023

This Blue Zone Has Half The Heart Disease As America — Try Their Soup Recipe

This timeless blend delivers on flavor and fiber.

#longevity #vegetarian #vegan
Dan Buettner
September 1 2023