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Seeing This Sign Can Mean You're Approaching A New Spiritual Path

Might be time to break out of old structures.

#Tarot #Journey #empowerment
Sarah Regan
November 17 2022

99 Deep Questions To Ask A Tarot Deck During Your Next Reading

About life, love, and more.

#Tarot #empowerment #Journey
Sarah Regan
November 17 2022

Are You Practicing Spirituality — Or Spiritual Materialism? How To Keep It Real

"While spirituality is on the rise, it's also climbing within the mecca of materialism in the modern world."

#crystals #Tarot #Journey #Purpose
Devon Barrow
November 15 2022

How To Get Motivated When You're Just Not Feeling It, From Psychology Experts

Plus what the research tells us about motivation.

#empowerment #Journey
Sarah Regan
November 11 2022

Emotionally Unavailable? 5 Practices To Help You Open Up, Fast

Practice 1: Hold up the energetic mirror.

#Journey #journaling #friendship #dating
Shannon Kaiser
November 8 2022

Keep Seeing Deer? Here's What To Know About Their Spiritual Meaning

Plus what to do about it.

#empowerment #Journey #energy
Sarah Regan
November 1 2022

4 Cultural Meanings Of The Dragonfly + Why To Pay Attention To This Critter

Transformation is coming.

#journaling #Journey #Purpose
Lauren David
October 25 2022

This Spiritual Sign Means You Need To Change Something — And Fast

It can seem ominous.

#Tarot #empowerment #Journey
Sarah Regan
October 12 2022

Only 6% Of People Have This Rare, Magnetic Personality Type — Do You?

They're twice as likely to be women.

#empowerment #Journey #dating
Sarah Regan
October 12 2022

This Simple Advice Completely Changed The Way I Set Boundaries At Work

"It's not your job to guess my boundaries. It's up to me to set and hold them."

#Journey #Practice Makes Purpose
Melissa Urban
October 10 2022

Seeing This Spiritual Sign Can Mean You Need To Be More Selfish

Yep, you read that right.

#Tarot #empowerment #Journey
Sarah Regan
September 19 2022

This Is The No. 1 Most Common Personality Type — If You Have It, Here's How To Thrive

You probably know someone like this.

#Journey #empowerment
Sarah Regan
September 15 2022

I Spent Years Studying Psychic Mediums: 6 Myths About Them I No Longer Believe

Myth #1: All psychic mediums are frauds.

#Journey #death #Purpose
Elizabeth Entin
September 12 2022

Always Comparing Yourself To Others? 6 Ways To Break The Habit

Kimberly Snyder shares her go-to strategies.

#mbgsupplements #Journey #affirmations
Kimberly Snyder
September 12 2022

Why You Should Feel Grateful If You Keep Seeing This Angel Number

Angel numbers are all around us.

#empowerment #Journey
Sarah Regan
September 2 2022

Curious About Your Future? These 4 Online Psychic Platforms Are Highly Rated

Plus, how to avoid the fakes.

#energy #Tarot #Journey
Sarah Regan
September 1 2022

Many "Natural Leaders" Have This Rare Personality Type — With A Specific Drawback

They can leave a trail of hurt feelings in their wake.

Sarah Regan
August 30 2022

How To Know If Your Inner Child Is Sabotaging Your Romantic Relationships

Many of us struggle with childhood wounds we don't even know we have.

#Purpose #Journey #journaling
Shannon Kaiser
August 18 2022

15 Jobs That Help People & How To Find The Right Fit For You

The options are endless.

#empowerment #health coaching #Journey
Merrell Readman
August 13 2022