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I Woke Up With Blurry Vision — 5 Days Later I Got This Diagnosis

And here's what I learned.

#mbgpodcast #eye health #Invisible Illness
Jason Wachob
May 19 2022

Doctors Thought I Had Depression — Until I Finally Got This Diagnosis

The road to a diagnosis was a long one.

#Invisible Illness
Sarah Fay, Ph.D.
May 1 2022

How A Trip To The Eye Doctor Led Me To A Rare Autoimmune Disease Diagnosis

Living with chronic pain was never something I imagined for myself.

#Invisible Illness #autoimmune
Sarah Regan
April 16 2022

I'm At Risk For A Genetic Disease & Choosing Not To Get Tested — Here's Why

It is a personal decision that I have not taken lightly.

#Invisible Illness #empowerment
Emily Rekstis
April 2 2022

My Symptoms Were Pinned To Postpartum — Then I Was Diagnosed With This Condition

Always trust your intuition.

#Invisible Illness #autoimmune #motherhood
Whitney Crouch, RDN, CLT
March 19 2022

I Had Debilitating Fatigue For 20 Years — Then I Finally Got This Diagnosis

Why did it take so long to get answers?

#mbgpodcast #Invisible Illness #brain #autoimmune
Jason Wachob
March 4 2022

Nine Doctors Missed This Diagnosis & It Almost Destroyed My Family

Find a supportive physician for your diagnostic journey.

#Lyme disease #Invisible Illness
Kris Newby
January 29 2022

The Most Inspiring Health Stories Real People Shared With Us This Year

Here: every single invisible illness story from the past year.

#Invisible Illness #empowerment
Abby Moore
December 25 2021

I Experienced Symptoms That Resembled Anxiety — Then I Got This Diagnosis

It's so much more nuanced than people realize.

#Invisible Illness
Olivia Giacomo
December 18 2021

I Thought My Symptoms Pointed To Depression — Then I Discovered This Diagnosis

Plus, how changing my lifestyle helped.

#Invisible Illness #depression #gut health #mbgpersonalcare

My Doctor Was Convinced I Had An Eating Disorder — Then I Got This Diagnosis

How I manage my illness, from the diagnosis 11 years ago until now.

#Invisible Illness #Blood Sugar
Christina Coughlin
November 13 2021

I Thought My Strange Symptoms Were All In My Head — Then I Got These 2 Diagnoses

I'm still a work in progress but am so much better than before—mentally and physically.

#Invisible Illness #Heart #anxiety
Melissa Lewis-Duarte, Ph.D.
October 16 2021

I Was Breaking Out In Hives & It Took More Than A Diagnosis To Find Out Why

Never stop asking why until you have your answer.

#Invisible Illness #thyroid #autoimmune
Rachel Drori
September 29 2021

Olympian Jessie Diggins Shares Her Transformative Mental Health Journey

I was deeply entwined in an abusive relationship with my eating disorder.

#eating disorders #Invisible Illness
Jessie Diggins
August 28 2021

My Condition Made Walking Nearly Impossible — 10 Years Later I Ran A Marathon

I had a dream of one day running a marathon, and in 2018, I did.

#Invisible Illness #running
Carrie SiuButt
July 10 2021

I Dealt With Debilitating Dizziness & No One Believed Me — Until I Got This Diagnosis

Even though no one can see it, this condition affects my life every day.

#Invisible Illness #headaches #Healthy Eating
Alicia Wolf
June 26 2021

People Called Me A Hypochondriac For 13 Years—Then I Was Diagnosed With This

I became familiar with the experience of isolation well before the pandemic.

#Invisible Illness
Lara Bloom
June 12 2021

I Was Diagnosed With A Rare Syndrome At Age 10 — Then I Hid It For 17 Years

I hid my illness for years.

#Invisible Illness #autoimmune
Harper Spero
May 29 2021

I Thought I Was Dying & Nobody Believed Me — Then I Was Diagnosed With This

Plus, how I'm managing the diagnosis today.

#Invisible Illness #Lyme disease
Michael Chernow
May 22 2021

It Felt Like A Heart Attack — Then I Was Diagnosed With This Rare Condition

I faced a lot of challenges and discrimination during my journey.

#depression #Heart #Invisible Illness