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Invisible Illness

It Took 184 Blood Draws & 32 MRIs To Be Diagnosed With This Aggressive Disease

Here's what I've learned about living with chronic illness since.

#Invisible Illness
Ashley Curtis
November 11

I'm NY’s First Nurse To Use A Wheelchair: Why Disability Care Needs To Change

I wanted to help others avoid the pain I'd gone through.

#Invisible Illness #pain
Andrea Dalzell
October 28

How I Managed My Life-Threatening Health Issues After Years Of Suffering

A serious of infections compounded by PCOS wrecked my health.

#Invisible Illness #longevity
Renée Marie Joyal
September 1

My Symptoms Were Dismissed For Years — It Took 11 Doctors To Get This Diagnosis

I want every woman – with or without autoimmune disease – to know what I wish I knew sooner.

#Invisible Illness #autoimmune
Ellen Rudolph
August 26

After Years Of Devastating Symptoms, Here's How I Manage My Chronic Condition

While people primarily associate my condition with seizures, it’s also about living with the fear of a seizure.

#Invisible Illness #CBD
Chelsea Leyland
August 19

I Struggled To Manage My Depression & OCD For Years — Until I Found This Therapy

Though less well known than talk therapy, DBT is a modality that combines elements of cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal systems, and...

#Invisible Illness #Mental fitness #Trauma
Caitlyn Somers
August 12

My Chronic Stomach Aches Turned Out To Be This Autoimmune Disease

The diagnosis brought some relief, but it took years to learn how to manage.

#Invisible Illness #autoimmune
Rosie White
August 5

I Thought My Back Pain Was Normal — It Turned Out To Be A Serious Disease

What started with numbness below the waist evolved into chronic back pain. 

#Invisible Illness #autoimmune
Courtney Platt
July 29

Doctors Dismissed My Period Pain For 12 Years — Until I Got This Diagnosis

The process has shown me how much society normalizes women's pain.

#Invisible Illness #hormones #fertility
Chelsea Leyland
July 15

After Years Of Chasing Success, Burnout Forced Me To Reconsider My Goals

Years of burnout brought me to a turning point where I began my journey of personal development and self-care.

#Invisible Illness #energy
Meha Agrawal
July 1

My Mental Health Condition Was Dismissed For Years—How I’m Finally Owning It

At the end of the day, I have bipolar disorder, but bipolar disorder can't have me.

#Mental fitness #Invisible Illness
Jessica Groff
June 10

I Had Mental Fog, Low Energy & No Period For Years — Then I Discovered Why

They say, "You don't know what you don't know."

#Invisible Illness #eating disorders #Healthy Eating

I Thought Was Just Dehydrated — But It Was A Life-Threatening Health Event

I tried everything to feel like myself again.

#Invisible Illness #Heart

An Accident Left Me With Debilitating Chronic Pain — How I Found Relief

The fact that people are out there in pain is still what drives me — everyone deserves to live a pain-free life. 

#Invisible Illness #pain

It Took 4 Doctors & Over 30 Tests To Get A Diagnosis Of This Rare Disease

Cracked hands, muscle weakness, and a tendency to get out of breath stumped my doctors for months.

#Invisible Illness #breath #energy
Dale S.
May 6

How I Healed From Recurrent UTIs & Connected With My Body & Voice

In the end, I'm more connected to my body and my voice.

#Invisible Illness #probiotics
Hannah Nelson
April 29

I Lost My Brother To A Mental Health Battle: What I Wish More People Knew

What I've learned about being there for him

#Invisible Illness #Mental fitness

Doctors Dismissed My Symptoms For Years: How I Finally Found The Help I Needed

It was one thing after another, for such a long time. 

#Invisible Illness
Siffat Haider
April 8

After Years Of Testing & No Diagnosis, This Is What's Helped Me Feel Better

Years spent in and out of hospitals forced me to make some hard changes.

#Invisible Illness #inflammation
Tegan Bukowski
April 1

After Months Of Dizziness & Blurry Vision, I Received This Frustrating Diagnosis

At some point, you can’t let the injury win.

#Invisible Illness
Sarah Goody
March 25