Chelsea Leyland

Health Writer

Chelsea Leyland has been invited to speak across the globe about her experience with epilepsy, medical cannabis and her focus on patient access–including at European parliament and Cambridge University–and more recently on her navigation of endometriosis, pregnancy losses and reproductive health.

Previously she spent over 10 DJing and curating music for fashion and art clients globally, including Chanel, Fendi, The Guggenheim Museum, and MoMA as well as opening for Duran Duran and Diplo.

Passionate about building community–with the power of vulnerability being central to her ethos–Chelsea’s started numerous close-knit advocacy groups, facilitating personable support for individuals going through challenging experiences with epilepsy, endometriosis and fertility struggles. Chelsea has also produced and featured in a documentary film focussed on her family's fight for access to cannabis based treatments.

In a culmination of her passions, Chelsea has now co-founded Looni, a new menstrual health and wellness company on a mission to elevate the menstrual cycle and democratize body literacy, offering support through education and innovative, science-backed offerings.