Meha Agrawal

Invisible Illness Contributor

Meha Agrawal, is the Founder and CEO of Silk Sonder, a VC-backed, SF-based guided journaling and emotional health tracking company that helps women reduce anxiety and stress, boost productivity, and achieve their goals. As a former software engineer and alum of Goldman Sachs, Stitch Fix, and The Muse, Meha’s personal experience with burnout, overwhelm, and stress and thousands of hours of research in positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, personal development frameworks, and life coaching methodologies resulted in the success of Silk Sonder - now generating millions in annual revenue with tens of thousands of loyal fans across every state of the country. She’s immersed in the worlds of technology, consumer products, vertical social networks, and entrepreneurship and continues to launch digital courses, lead immersive professional and personal growth workshops for multi-billion dollar companies, and coach private clients on overcoming self-limiting beliefs to thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Meha Agrawal was named a Standout Woman Innovator by Apple and is also a 2019 Tory Burch Fellow, Glossy Awards finalist, and Entreprenista 100 Awardee.