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I Struggled With Depression For Years — But This Type Of Exercise Changed My Life

"It saved my life."

#Invisible Illness #depression #Mental fitness #running
Erin McGrady
September 17 2022

I Lived With Uncomfortable Eye Symptoms For 30 Years—Then I Got This Diagnosis

Now, this Olympic track & field athlete is reclaiming her power.

#Invisible Illness
Gail Devers
September 10 2022

Stress & Trauma Were Destroying My Body — Until I Got A Wake-Up Call

Further evidence of the connection between mental and physical health.

#Invisible Illness #stress
Brent Yates
August 27 2022

I Struggled With Crushing, Unexplained Fatigue — Until I Got This Diagnosis

Not everything can be fixed with a healthy diet and exercise.

#Invisible Illness #autoimmune
Hannah Corbin
August 13 2022

I Suffered From PTSD Until I Got Specialized Care — Here's How I Pay It Forward

It all starts with therapy.

#Invisible Illness #Mental fitness
Carter Barnhart
August 6 2022

I Was Given Only 14 Years To Live At Birth — Now I'm 35 & Living A Normal Life

"At the end of the day, every day is an opportunity to take whatever cards we've been dealt and turn them into a winning hand, and that's how I live...

#Invisible Illness
Jono James
July 30 2022

I Was Misdiagnosed & Dismissed By Doctors For Over 3 Years — Until This Saved Me

Listen to your intuition and trust your gut.

#Invisible Illness #health coaching
Shannon Kaiser
July 23 2022

I Experienced Intense Fatigue & Vision Issues — Then I Got This Diagnosis

"Asking for help doesn't mean you're weak. In fact, it actually means you're strong."

#Invisible Illness #brain
Maggie Ruvoldt
July 16 2022

I Had Mysterious Gut Symptoms For Years — Until I Made This Discovery

Plus, how I created a brand of gut-friendly treats.

#Invisible Illness #gut health
Katie Wilson
July 9 2022

After A Near-Death Experience, Here's How I Recovered From Mind-Body Trauma

Recovery isn't just for physical injuries.

#Invisible Illness
Geralyn Ritter
July 2 2022

I Lived With A Secret, Debilitating Illness For 25 Years — How I Found Recovery

"Recovery is an action. It is not stagnant."

#Invisible Illness #eating disorders
Meredith O'Brien, LCSW
June 25 2022

I Thought My Chest Pain Was From COVID — Then I Got This Frightening Diagnosis

A reminder to never brush your symptoms under the rug.

#Invisible Illness #COVID-19 #Heart
Bobby Goines
June 18 2022

I Struggled With Painful Sex For Nearly A Decade — Until I Got This Diagnosis

Plus, the treatment that changed everything.

#Invisible Illness #pain
Carine Carmy
June 11 2022

I Woke Up With Blurry Vision — 5 Days Later I Got This Diagnosis

And here's what I learned.

#mbgpodcast #eye health #Invisible Illness
Jason Wachob
May 19 2022

Doctors Thought I Had Depression — Until I Finally Got This Diagnosis

The road to a diagnosis was a long one.

#Invisible Illness
Sarah Fay, Ph.D.
May 1 2022

How A Trip To The Eye Doctor Led Me To A Rare Autoimmune Disease Diagnosis

Living with chronic pain was never something I imagined for myself.

#Invisible Illness #autoimmune
Sarah Regan
April 16 2022

I'm At Risk For A Genetic Disease & Choosing Not To Get Tested — Here's Why

It is a personal decision that I have not taken lightly.

#Invisible Illness #empowerment
Emily Rekstis
April 2 2022

My Symptoms Were Pinned To Postpartum — Then I Was Diagnosed With This Condition

Always trust your intuition.

#Invisible Illness #autoimmune #motherhood
Whitney Crouch, RDN, CLT
March 19 2022

I Had Debilitating Fatigue For 20 Years — Then I Finally Got This Diagnosis

Why did it take so long to get answers?

#mbgpodcast #Invisible Illness #brain #autoimmune
Jason Wachob
March 4 2022