Melissa Lewis-Duarte, Ph.D.

Organizational Behavior Psychologist

Melissa Lewis-Duarte, Ph.D. founded Working On Calm at the beginning of 2021. In an effort to calm her anxious mind, she committed to learning to meditate, trying yoga, practicing gratitude, and finding pleasure in everyday moments. Lewis-Duarte chronicles this mindfulness-based change effort to inspire others to do the same. Prior to embarking on this journey, she earned a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior (psychology applied to work) from Claremont Graduate University, and worked on multiple organizational research and development projects in both the private and public sectors. Her research on executive coaching was published in Leadership & Organization Development Journal. She enjoyed her work as a business consultant, college instructor, and corporate trainer. Now, she lives with her husband in Scottsdale, AZ, managing their chaotic life, three young boys, and a barking dog.

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