Carrie SiuButt

mbg Contributing Writer

Carrie SiuButt received her MBA from Stanford University and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Before becoming a CEO, SiuButt started her career on Wall Street and held various finance and strategy roles at Fortune 100 companies. She started her health and wellness career in strategy and finance at Equinox Fitness. Combining her passion for technology and wellness, she led the operations for LUMO Body Tech, a Palo Alto based wearable technology company and Row House, a Manhattan based boutique fitness studio chain. Most recently she was in Toronto, Canada working for Medcan (healthcare company) as VP, Health and Wellness overseeing the “Eat, Move, Think” portfolio before she became the CEO at Simple Health.

SiuButt is an avid half marathon runner and fundraises for the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation through her races. After her Deep Brain Stimulation for Dystonia, she has focused on working with innovative companies in the health and wellness space

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