Akilah Cadet, DHSc, MPH

Founder & Diversity/Inclusion Activist

Akilah Cadet, DHSc, MPH dismantles white supremacy daily as the Founder and CEO of Change Cadet consulting firm which offers a broad array of anti-racism and diversity services including strategic planning, crisis rebuilding, advising, executive coaching, and facilitation. Cadet (her last name) is a French term that means soldier. As it's often an uphill battle for BIPOC, women, and underrepresented communities to achieve success and equity in the workplace, Change Cadet prepares soldiers of change to overcome these continuous battles so individuals and companies can thrive. Cadet has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Harper's BAZAAR, Cosmopolitan, and ELLE. She literally has all the degrees, lives in Oakland, CA, has a rare heart condition, and is a proud Beyoncé advocate.

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