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So Why *Does* Skin Peel After Sunburns? Derm Answers & Tips

Normally, we do our best to avoid sunburns. Sometimes, burns happen.

Alexandra Engler
July 14 2020

These 4 Natural Bug Bite Relievers Are Derm-Approved (And In Your Kitchen!)

Chances are you'll have one of these bite relievers sitting on a shelf.

Jamie Schneider
July 13 2020

The Major Pros & Cons Of Chemical & Mineral Sunscreen

Let us explain the world of physical and chemical sunscreens, how they work, and the various pros and cons.

Alexandra Engler
July 10 2020

Do You Get Retinol & Retinoid Mixed Up? Same — Here's What To Know

This star skin care item garners as much confusion over its name as it does praise for its efficacy.

Alexandra Engler
July 8 2020

This May Look Like Acne Or Whiteheads, But Here's What It Actually Is

If you've ever glanced in the mirror and spotted a cluster of tiny white bumps on your face, chances are you considered them whiteheads. Not so fast.

Andrea Jordan
June 25 2020