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If You Ever Use A Body Scrub, Don't Make This Common Mistake

This common mistake will rob your skin of that post-scrub glow.

Hannah Frye
September 6 2022

Nail Slugging Is Here To Save Your Frayed, Painful Cuticles (You're Welcome)

Another day, another TikTok trend that dominates the beauty conversation.

Jamie Schneider
September 2 2022

Everything — Yes, Everything — To Know About What's Causing Your Dark Circles

We know how to cover them with makeup, but what actually causes dark circles?

Hannah Frye
August 31 2022

Look Out For These 3 Red Flags In Plant-Based Lip Balms

Not all products labeled as vegan are, well, vegan.

Hannah Frye
August 30 2022

Why This Rocky Mountain Town Has Become A Top Destination For Adventure

If you're looking for a trip that mixes adventure with luxury, look no further than Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Emily Rekstis
August 22 2022

Can You Really Drink Too Much Water? We Investigated

This is your sign to do away with that gallon water bottle...

Merrell Readman
August 19 2022

PSA: This May Be The Best Natural Oil For Healthy Hair Growth

Is this another gimmicky hack or something worth trying out?

Hannah Frye
August 13 2022

If You Want *Really* Soft Lips, Make Sure Your Lip Balm Has This

The formula you choose can mean all the difference between plush, velvety lips and even more flakes.

Jamie Schneider
August 11 2022

This Powerhouse Ingredient Leaves Skin Hydrated — But Not Sticky

Have you ever tried to put on tight-fitting clothes right after applying body lotion?

Hannah Frye
August 2 2022

How Hair Sunscreen Protects Against Premature Graying, Split Ends & More

Dryness, split ends, and fading color—these may be signs of UV strand damage.

Hannah Frye
July 28 2022