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How Healthy Are Your Hair Follicles? Scientists Develop New Technique To Measure Hair Loss

It may be as easy as slipping on a helmet for a few minutes at your next checkup.

Jamie Schneider
October 31 2019

How Sephora Became The Unlikely Leader Of Clean Beauty

The story of how a little green seal started something big.

Alexandra Engler
October 16 2019

New Study Finds Hair Loss May Be Connected To Air Pollution

Optimal skin health goes way beyond caring for just the face.

Jamie Schneider
October 8 2019

Smooth Hair Here: 12 Of The Best Frizz-Taming Tools

Because products can't do it all.

Alexandra Engler
September 6 2019

The 12 Best Beauty Buys At Whole Foods — That Won't Cost You A Fortune

The highest quality products around—that won't cost you a fortune.

Alexandra Engler
August 23 2019

This Celebrity-Favorite Hair Product Just Dropped & We're Freaking Out

If you know the Oi line, you're likely freaking out too.

Alexandra Engler
August 13 2019

Healthier Hair ASAP: The 7 Best Natural Hair Masks

Bring on the glossy strands—these are your best bets.

Alexandra Engler
August 4 2019

Want Shiny, Hydrated Hair? All You Need Is A Hair Mask & Yoga Class

Get shinier hair while you center your mind: the ultimate multitasking tip.

Alexandra Engler
July 28 2019

The Best Hairstyles For Working Out — That Won't Cause Breakage

Just a few minor tweaks to healthy hair post-workout.

Alexandra Engler
July 13 2019

5 Steps To Follow If You Want Stronger, Healthier Hair

First things first: Rethink your rinse cycle.

July 8 2019

4 Beauty Wellness Buys Worth The Investment — And 5 Excellent Products Under $10

Here's some guidance on the beauty and wellness products that don't necessarily need to cost more than dinner if you're looking for ways to save.

Krista Soriano
July 8 2019

The 16 Best Natural Shampoos & They're All On Amazon

The reviews are in: These are the best natural shampoos.

Alexandra Engler
July 7 2019

Need A Hair Cut? These Miracle Products Will Save You Weeks Between Trims

Nothing can fix split ends, save a trim, but these will help.

Alexandra Engler
July 1 2019

So You're Traveling? The Best Multipurpose Products For Hair & Skin

Make the most of your routine, without taking up too much space in your luggage.

Alexandra Engler
June 30 2019