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Yes, There Are Different Types Of Split Ends: Here's How To Identify Each

It's true: Much like brows, split ends are sisters, not twins.

Jamie Schneider
August 17

Hair Looking Thin At The Ends? 5 Ways To Make Them Full Without A Trim

These should hold you over until you and the salon chair meet again.

Jamie Schneider
August 7

Why This Multitasking Oil Should Be Part Of Your Beauty Routine

It's native to India, and beauty brands are catching wind of all of its benefits including anti-aging, balancing moisture, and speeding up the healing...

Andrea Jordan
July 30

PSA: There Are 3 Categories Of Conditioners — Finding The One For You

There are three main categories of conditioner, all of which play an important part in the health and well-being of our hair.

Sarah Roberts
July 29

12 Black-Owned Haircare Products For Your Curly-Hair Needs

As with all matters of beauty, people need routines and care individual to them.

Why Clear Mascara Is The Unsung Hero Of A Natural Beauty Look + 6 To Try

It's high time we give the transparent goop the recognition it deserves.

Jamie Schneider
July 26

A Beauty-Focused Self-Care Routine Is A Personal Thing: 14 Tips On Finding Yours

We know that for real, sustainable, and meaningful self-care, you need to go deeper than a face mask.

Looking For A Slight Tweak In Hair Color? Check Out A Glaze Or Gloss

There's no shortage of options in the hair-coloring industry; that's for certain.