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This Common Hair Care Mistake Is A Huge Waste Of $ Says This Pro

As hairstylist Matt Newman shared recently on his TikTok, if you're making this very common hair care mistake, then you're wasting money.

Alexandra Engler
January 3

The Ideal Curtain Bang Length For Your Face Shape & How To Style Them

Experts tell all: This is the key to nailing curtain bangs every single time.

Hannah Frye
December 30 2022

You're Probably Using Leave-In Conditioner Wrong — Here's What The Pros Do

There's more to leave-in conditioner than meets the eye.

Hannah Frye
December 12 2022

Wait, Should You Be Hair Cycling Now, Too? Here's What An Expert Suggests

Recovery days aren't just for the skin, after all.

Hannah Frye
November 30 2022