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How To Switch From A Side Part To Middle Part (& Vice Versa) With Zero Cowlicks

In case you haven't heard, hair parts are a hot topic these days.

Jamie Schneider
March 1

The Classic Tool We Love For Faking A Bouncy Blowout (Sans Heat Damage)

Perfect any type of curl, from soft waves to ringlets.

Jamie Schneider
February 25

Yes, You Can Nail A Salon-Quality Blowout At Home: Stylists Spill Their Secrets

Follow these expert tips based on hair type, and you'll sport a next-level 'do that rivals the salon.

Jamie Schneider
February 23

7 Black Hairstylists To Have On Your Radar + Their Go-To Tips

Here's what you need to know, from the thought leaders themselves.

Jamie Schneider
February 20

Put Down The Hot Tools: Hairstylists Want You To Curl Your Hair With ... Socks?

Here's exactly how to achieve full, voluminous, heatless curls.

Jamie Schneider
February 1

The Surprising Product That Can Save Your Skin From Beard Burn (Promise)

A beard oil deserves a place on your bathroom shelf—promise.

Jamie Schneider
January 12

Why You Should Audit Your Beauty Routine Right Now, From A Dermatologist

If you've never stopped to think about your skin care routine, and the individual formulations in it, perhaps now's the time to start.

Alexandra Engler
January 10

How Should You Style Your Bangs? 8 Expert-Backed Tips For All Hair Types

Like your fringe just so happened to dry perfectly into place.

Jamie Schneider
December 31 2020

A Complete How-To-Exfoliate-The-Scalp Guide For The Most Lush Hair Imaginable

Scalp care has rightfully taken up more space in our beauty consciousness.

Alexandra Engler
December 29 2020