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8 Core Beauty Truths We Believe In About Clean & Conscious Beauty

Here at mindbodygreen beauty, we've always believed beauty can be a powerful tool to fuel your connection to yourself and others.

Alexandra Engler
2 days ago

We Answer It Once & For All: How Fast Does Hair Really Grow?

Hey, Google, how much does hair grow in a month?

Andrea Jordan
3 days ago

This Is How Fast You Should See Results When Taking A Collagen Supplement

When you incorporate a new supplement into your routine, it's only natural to expect results.

Alexandra Engler
5 days ago

The Surprising Tool This Stylist Uses To Get Glossy Curls & Waves

Want to take your loose curls or waves to the next level?

Alexandra Engler
April 13

4 At-Home Glosses That'll Add Shine To Your Post-Winter Strands

After this winter—this long winter—I certainly feel the urge for a refresh.

The Weird Reasons Your Hair Is Duller Post-Winter & How To Revamp It

I feel like my hair is so dull lately—what can I do to get it ready for spring and summer?

Alexandra Engler
March 27

Yogurt, Potato Flour & 7 Other Ingredients That Make Dull Hair Shine Like Silk

If you've recently looked in the mirror and thought, "My hair looks so dull right now," you're in company.

Jamie Schneider
March 25

The Soothing Botanical Oil That Will Give You Supple Skin In No Time

It's no secret that oats can do wonders for our skin. Now enter oat oil.

Andrea Jordan
March 23

The At-Home Spa: 4 Ways To Upgrade Your Self-Care Routines

Allow yourself to have a spa day every day with these routines.

Devon Barrow
March 18

How To Braid Hair Like A Pro: Step-By-Step Guides For 8 Gorgeous Braids

Braiding your own hair is, well, difficult. This guide makes it easier.

Jamie Schneider
March 9

How To Switch From A Side Part To Middle Part (& Vice Versa) With Zero Cowlicks

In case you haven't heard, hair parts are a hot topic these days.

Jamie Schneider
March 1