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7 Things You Can Do In The Dark During Tonight's "Earth Hour"

Every year, Earth Hour gives us the collective opportunity to save electricity—and focus on the planet.

Sarah Regan
March 27

What To Know About Tonight's Special Supermoon In Libra

Don't be surprised if some long-standing issues rise to the surface this weekend.

The AstroTwins
March 27

6 Ways This Weekend's Full Snow Moon Can Help You Live Your Best Life

There's no better week to research, gather data—and get a jump-start on taxes.

The AstroTwins
February 25

What To Know About February's Full Snow Moon & How To Work With It

The full moon gives us an opportunity for reflection and release.

Sarah Regan
February 24

Trataka Sadhana 101: How To Deepen Your Next Meditation Using Candles

Candle gazing gives your eyes something to focus on, so you can get more from your meditation.

Sarah Regan
February 17

Try This Mind- & Body-Releasing Yoga Pose

Half-moon is great for working on strength, balance, and flexibility.

Sarah Regan
January 28

There's A Cold Moon Coming Our Way: Here's What Makes It Special

If there was ever a time to dip into a little full moon magic, it's now.

Sarah Regan
December 28 2020

How To Ring In This Weekend's Full Moon (Which Also Happens To Be An Eclipse)

Here's what the full Beaver Moon (and its eclipse) is all about.

Sarah Regan
November 28 2020

How (And Why) To Make Moon Water & 5 Ways To Use It

Moon water is a tool that's been used for generations to harness the moon's power.

Sarah Regan
November 25 2020

6 Ways To Harness The Sensual Power Of Tonight's Rare Full Blue Moon

With costumes canceled, how about a Halloween hike instead?

The AstroTwins
October 30 2020

A Once-A-Decade Blue Moon Will Make This Halloween Extra Spooky

If there was any year a blue moon was going to fall on Halloween, it's 2020.

Sarah Regan
October 27 2020