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6 Quick But Powerful Ways To Boost Self-Love, From A Psychic Intuitive

Modeling self-love for others is a wonderful gift to offer the world.

Tanya Carroll Richardson
November 15 2021

These 20 Conflict Resolution Skills Will Change Your Work & Love Life

Most people suck at conflict, so it's worth taking the time to learn better.

Farrah Daniel
October 21 2021

New Research Finds The Secret To Striking Up Conversations With Strangers

Ever avoided deep conversations with strangers because you figured they'd prefer to keep it light?

Sarah Regan
September 30 2021

We Just Heard About “Social Jet Lag”—Is It Messing With Your Sleep?

Here's how to avoid social jet lag—without totally ruining your social life.

Emma Loewe
September 25 2021

What Does It Really Mean To Be Passive-Aggressive? Here Are Some Examples

There are those who directly display aggression and those who don't.

Sarah Regan
September 24 2021

Yes, Soul Mates Can Be Platonic — Here Are 9 Signs You've Found Yours

There are many different soul connections you can have with all sorts of people.

Sarah Regan
August 21 2021

Want To Be A Better Listener? Stretching Might Help — Here's Why

An important part of attunement is physical, whether we're conscious of it or not.

Are You *Actually* Nice To Yourself? This Quick Test Can Help You Find Out

Treating yourself with kindness has some significant benefits. This is the first step.

Jamie Schneider
August 10 2021