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Can You 'Manifest' Wealth? What To Know About This Controversial Topic

Do good vibes turn into dollar signs?

#Financial Wellness
Alexandra Engler
September 13 2019

So How Do You Merge $$ With Your Partner? An Expert Explains

Merging money is not only emotionally challenging, but it can be legally challenging as well.

#Financial Wellness
Alexandra Engler
August 30 2019

Do Your Friends Make More $$$ Than You? How To Deal With That Awkward Feeling

This surprising emotion happens to all of us, and you don't need feel bad about it.

#Financial Wellness
Alexandra Engler
August 20 2019

Um, When Is It OK To Ask For Money? Here's What An Expert Says

When you're short on cash, here's what to do.

#Financial Wellness
Alexandra Engler
August 16 2019

Let Someone Borrow Money? Here's The Best Way To Ask For It Back

Moneylending between friends and family can cause tension—here's how to deal.

#Financial Wellness
Alexandra Engler
August 10 2019

Debt Can Feel Scary: This Mental Trick Will Fix That For You

Be kind to yourself: Life happens.

#Financial Wellness
Alexandra Engler
July 27 2019

3 Mindset Shifts You Should Make To Manage Your Money Better

We chat with Gaby Dunn, the expert on being "Bad With Money."

#Financial Wellness
Alexandra Engler
July 23 2019

What Your Spending Habits Say About Your Personality Type

Spending a lot on travel? Here's what that says about you...

#Financial Wellness
Jenni Gritters, M.S.
July 21 2019

Ask A Financial Therapist: How To Talk To Your Parents About Money

How to get on the same page with your parents about your and their financial situations.

#Financial Wellness
Alexandra Engler
July 16 2019

Always Thinking About Money? Here's How To Get It Off Your Mind

What to do when you can't stop thinking about money.

#Financial Wellness
Alexandra Engler
July 10 2019

Ask A Financial Therapist: How Do I Get Over Spending Guilt?

A financial therapist helps you deal with common money hangups.

#Financial Wellness
Alexandra Engler
July 9 2019

Are We All Financially Anxious? (Yes, Yes We Are + What To Do About It)

Getting stressed over money is very common—and it could be harming your health.

#Financial Wellness
Alexandra Engler
July 8 2019

The Best Wellness Practices That You Should Be Applying To Your Money

Take your best habits and apply them to your bank account.

#Financial Wellness
Brianna Firestone
July 6 2019

Should You Keep A Money Diary? Experts Weigh in

The answer might surprise you.

#Financial Wellness
Alexandra Engler
June 19 2019

This Ayurveda Expert Says Travel Is The Best Money She's Ever Spent

If you can, this wellness expert says spend your money on travel.

#Well Spent #Financial Wellness
Alexandra Engler
June 17 2019

How Healthy Discipline Can Help You Unlock New Opportunities

Try it out, and see what else in your life begins to shift.

#confidence #Financial Wellness #sugar #alcohol #friendship

5 Negative Emotions Keeping You From Financial Prosperity

Do any resonate with you?

#Financial Wellness
Ken Honda
June 7 2019

These 3 Simple Habits Might Make You Worry Less About Money

Here we explain what to do about it.

#Financial Wellness #budget #anxiety #Wellth Check
Alexandra Engler
June 5 2019

The Surprising Risk Of Believing That Money Makes You Successful

Time to separate net worth from self-worth.

#Financial Wellness #stress #confidence
Emma Loewe
May 15 2019

The Surprising New Movement That Could Stop Global Temperatures From Rising

And it may involve your bank and your money.

#partner #Financial Wellness
Krista Soriano
May 8 2019