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Bloated During Exercise? This Is The Diet You Should Follow, New Research Says

New research has found that changing your diet could help banish your workout bloat for good.

Elizabeth Gerson
February 17 2019

This 10-Minute Exercise Equals 44 Minutes Of Sleep, New Study Finds

New research finds that mindfulness does more for stress relief than we think.

Elizabeth Gerson
February 5 2019

5 Yoga Postures That Could Pose A Threat If Done Incorrectly

Done Incorrectly, These Are The Yoga Poses That Could Spell Serious Problems For Your Health

Elizabeth Gerson
February 3 2019

Here's Why Breakfast Is Not The Most Important Meal Of The Day For Weight Loss

Should we really eat breakfast? For weight loss, it's best to skip the scramble.

Elizabeth Gerson
January 30 2019

Tired & Moody All The Time? You Might Have This Surprising Condition

This dangerous condition can do way more than just mess with your energy levels.

Kayleigh Roberts
January 17 2019

Tired All The Time? These Are The Best Supplements To Boost Energy

The best supplements for enhancing energy and combating fatigue, including NR, NAC, and CoQ10. 

B.J. Hardick, D.C.
January 16 2019

Burnout: How To Know If You Have It (And How To Overcome It If You Do)

Burnout: symptoms, causes, and how to overcome it and start feeling better.

Locke Hughes
November 28 2018
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I Love Being A Personal Trainer — But The Path To Get Here Was NOT Easy

How I went from an insecure, overweight teenager to opening my own studio.

Morit Summers
October 17 2018

11 Ways To Create Spaces That Facilitate Moments Of Meaning

For a more spiritual space, draw from the five elements.

Erin Rachel Doppelt, M.A.
October 5 2018

The Way You Walk Might Say A Lot About You

The way you physically move through the world is inevitably affected by your culture and your identity.

Kelly Gonsalves
September 20 2018