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These 5 Nongreasy DIY Lotions Will Nourish Your Skin Silky Smooth

Whether you're in dire need of a butter-thick confection or a thin veil of moisture.

#skin care #diy beauty #coconut oil #essential oils
Jamie Schneider
January 26 2021

This One Cooking Tip Can Help Make Your Nails Stronger — Really!

Behold the simple suggestion.

#skin care #coconut oil #fats
Jamie Schneider
January 22 2021

3 Seamless Swaps For Coconut Oil + Exactly Where They Work Best

Ran out of coconut oil? Don't worry; these will do the trick.

#coconut oil #fats
Abby Moore
January 20 2021

This Is The *Only* Ingredient Goldie Hawn Uses In Her One-Step Beauty Routine

It's the perfect ingredient for a one-step beauty regimen, we'd say.

#skin care #coconut oil
Jamie Schneider
December 2 2020

The Secret To Hydrated Hair? One Of These 8 Conditioner Bars

Sustainable and effective? Yes, please.

#hair #skin care #coconut oil
Alexandra Engler
November 23 2020

Our 14 All-Time Best Hydrated Hair Tips For Soft, Healthy Strands

Hey, hydrated hair.

#hair #coconut oil #essential oils
Alexandra Engler
November 5 2020

Fairy Knots Sound Cute, But They're Very Annoying To All Curly Girls

The name may sound mythical, but "fairy knots" are very much real in the world of curly hair.

#hair #confidence #coconut oil
Alexandra Engler
September 26 2020

The One Must-Know Tip About Applying Hair Oil, From A Stylist

Shiny, not goopy, strands.

#hair #essential oils #coconut oil
Alexandra Engler
August 28 2020

Is Canola Oil Actually Bad For You? Here's What Nutritionists Have To Say

Should we be avoiding this vegetable oil?

#fats #coconut oil #Heart
Isadora Baum
August 11 2020

4 Hairstylist-Backed Ways To Get Gum Out Of Hair, No Scissors Needed

No need for a teary-eyed trim.

#hair #coconut oil #motherhood
Jamie Schneider
August 11 2020

3 Ayurvedic Kitchen Staples To Keep You Cool & Calm In The Summer Heat

An Ayurvedic practitioner shares some easy ways to use 'em up.

#Ayurveda #skin care #energy #coconut oil #Herbs
Ananta Ripa Ajmera
August 7 2020

Do Natural Lubes Really Work? What To Consider + The Best Options To Try

Because it's important to know what is going on—and inside—of your body.

#dating #marriage #organic #coconut oil
Abby Moore
July 30 2020

Is It Safe To Use Coconut Oil As Lube? Experts Weigh In

Can this cooking oil be used in the bedroom?

#coconut oil
Abby Moore
May 26 2020

The 9 Best Coconut Oils For Allover Hydration (Your Smooth Skin Awaits!)

For skin care, the natural oil is formulated into many thick salves and creams—but sometimes you just want to go directly to the source and use...

#skin care #coconut oil #healthy aging
Alexandra Engler
May 25 2020

Ayurveda In 2020: Why This 5,000-Year-Old Practice Is Still As Relevant As Ever

Plus, what the future could hold for this ancient medicine.

#Ayurveda #yoga #coconut oil #Acupuncture #intermittent fasting
Julia Guerra
May 1 2020

We Found It: A Major Underlying Cause Of Your Blackheads & Breakouts

If you want to turn acne-prone skin around, the key might be finding what we call "noncomedogenic" ingredients and products. 

#skin care #acne #inflammation #coconut oil
Alexandra Engler
April 30 2020

Dry & Damaged Hair? Give These 8 At-Home, All-Natural Remedies A Try

Here's your all-inclusive guide to reversing dry, damaged hair with easy-to-do natural remedies you can do at home. 

#hair #coconut oil #yogurt
Andrea Jordan
February 27 2020

Try An Aloe Vera DIY Leave-In Conditioner + Mask For Hydrated Hair

We likely don't need to sell you on the powers of aloe vera. The plant's healing and soothing powers are near legendary at this point.

#hair #inflammation #coconut oil
Andrea Jordan
February 15 2020