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12 Universal Laws & How To Use Them To Unlock A More Spiritual Life

Getting familiar with them can help unlock a more spiritually aligned life.

Sarah Regan
April 16 2020

What Does A Purple Aura Mean? Life, Love & Career Questions Answered

Your aura is thought to offer a glimpse into your emotional state.

Sarah Regan
April 15 2020

4 Psychiatrist's Tips For Getting Comfortable With The Unknown

Roxanna Namavar, D.O., is quite familiar with all things spirituality and consciousness.

Jason Wachob
April 13 2020

This Week's Horoscope Is All About Balancing Stillness With Strength

Good news: The vibe this week is more harmonizing than stressful.

The AstroTwins
April 11 2020

What Tuesday's Rare Super Pink Moon In Libra Can Mean For You

6 ways to harness the heightened energy from home.

The AstroTwins
April 6 2020

This Just In: How To Finally Make Mercury Retrograde Work For You

Think of it as a quarterly review period, and use it to pause and reassess, research and revise.

The AstroTwins
April 6 2020

Unsure How To Thrive While Social Distancing? Your Horoscope Has Clues

Your astrological cheat sheet for staying steady through the chaos.

The AstroTwins
April 4 2020

April's Horoscope Is Here & It May Be A Blueprint To Navigate Isolation

When T.S. Eliot wrote that "April is the cruelest month," he probably didn't mean it like this.

The AstroTwins
April 1 2020

An Illuminating Astro Event Is Coming For The First Time Since 1771

This once-in-a-lifetime transit could shed some light on shady business.

The AstroTwins
March 28 2020

Be Your Own Healer: 3 Ways You Can Practice Energy Healing At Home

Easy tips to cultivate healing, straight from Mama Medicine, herself.

Jason Wachob
March 25 2020

Your Weekly Astro Forecast Is Here & It's An Invitation To Pursue Personal Goals

Wednesday's lunar lift could serve as a ribbon-cutting ceremony for your freshest, most out-of-the-box ideas.

The AstroTwins
March 21 2020

How Deepak Chopra Is Using This Time For A Spiritual Reset

We can use this time at home to slow down and focus on our health.

Jason Wachob
March 19 2020

5 Ways We're Connected: A Philosopher's Take On Modern Spirituality

Here's how spiritual, holotropic developments make their way into modern life—you could even say they're hiding in plain sight.

Ervin Laszlo, Ph.D.
March 17 2020

Weekly Horoscope: Spring Is Here & It Could Spur Collective Action

Saturn is moving into Aquarius for the first time in decades.

The AstroTwins
March 14 2020