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The 5 Nonnegotiables In My Dog's Wellness Routine

This one thing can help with your dog's behavior.

Jules Hunt
February 28

This 15-Minute Workout Will Help You Sleep Like A Rock Tonight

You're 15 minutes away from some seriously restful (probably much-needed) sleep.

Jason Williams
February 27

No Time Or Sweat To Spare? Try These Five Easy Exercises

Easy movements you can do during the day–no gym or equipment necessary.

Ray Bass, NASM-CPT
February 27

This Type Of Exercise Will Help You Not Sabotage Your Fitness Goals

If you want a build a stronger, more efficient, more confident version of your body and self, it's time to give compound exercises a try.

The Best Arm Workouts For People Who Just Can't (Or Won't) Do Pushups

Pushups not for you? Here's why you should be doing side planks and biceps curls instead.

Todd McCullough
February 24

This Is How You Could Be "Younger" Than Your Actual Age, New Study Says

We now have a better indicator of longevity than your chronological age, thanks to new research.

Elizabeth Gerson
February 15

If You Have These 3 Things, You've Got A Legit At-Home Gym

Skip The Gym: This Is The One At-Home Workout That Matters

Todd McCullough
February 4

5 Yoga Postures That Could Pose A Threat If Done Incorrectly

Done Incorrectly, These Are The Yoga Poses That Could Spell Serious Problems For Your Health

Elizabeth Gerson
February 3