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If Ever There Was A Week To Redecorate Your Home, Astrologers Say This Is It

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July 3, 2021

There will be an influx of passion and creativity this week. Here's what the AstroTwins want you to know as we head into July.

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The only thing constant is change this Wednesday, July 7, as vivacious Venus in Leo gets into a dynamic dustup with spontaneous Uranus in Taurus.

Twice each year, these heavenly bodies lock into a challenging 90-degree square, which intensifies passions, to put it mildly.

Although this cosmic event is brief, it is high-impact and can push emotions to a combustible point. Certainly, this can produce some amazing pyrotechnics in (and out of) the bedroom. On a literal level, this might be the moment where you drum up the courage to take a stand for what you want your love life to look like.

Boundaries must constantly be redrawn to accommodate the ever-changing restrictions of these times. With "anything goes" Uranus in traditional Taurus, you may be ready to remix radical relationship ideas with some old-school romantic ideals. No, we can't tell you exactly what that means. Why? Because a Venus-Uranus square makes this process yours to invent. 

Sensitivities are a gift—and that's something Friday's empathic new moon in Cancer will underscore for anyone who argues that it's better to keep a stiff upper lip.

While it might seem "safer" to hide feelings behind a protective shell, that defensive play could cost you the win. Don't wait another minute to open up about how you feel. Even if you don't get the reception you want immediately, trust that you've planted a very important seed—one that could take until the January 17, 2022, full moon in Cancer to totally gestate.

How well do you nurture yourself? If you're the type who has an easier time playing caretaker for others than you do for Numero Uno, it's time for a shift. Start feeding yourself a steady diet of positive input, from rainbow bowls of fresh produce to helpful advice from people who actually have your best interests at heart. 

This lunar lift can set off some major nest-feathering activity, especially if your spaces are as comfortable and personalized as you wish. Before you start knocking down walls to turn your cute two-bedroom into an open-plan loft, for example, consult an architect and get the permits...and consider how any changes on the homefront will affect the others living under your roof.

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On Sunday, July 11, messenger Mercury flows into Cancer's sentimental waters until July 27, upping the ante on the heartwarming vibes.

For the past 10 weeks, Mercury in Gemini's head-spinning influence spawned a case of astrological ADD. Focusing deeply on anyone‚ much less remembering what appointments and events we promised we'd show up at, has been challenging, to say the least. But now, the friends-and-family reunions begin. Bring on the backyard BBQs, starlit beach walks, and maybe even a weekend trip to a seaside Airbnb. 

While in the Crab's domestic realm, Mercury helps you systematize and personalize your space. Make sure your home is a haven and that your work area feels like enough of a sacred oasis for productivity. Tender emotions that have been buried beneath your subconscious "shell" are ready to be examined—with journals, supportive friends, a therapist, and a box of tissues. Creative bursts could give birth to transcendent works of art. 

Over the next few weeks, plant yourself in inspiring locations and be a vessel for the muse.

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The AstroTwins

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