Are You A Highly Sensitive Person? Here's How To Protect Your Energy

Are You A Highly Sensitive Person? Here's How To Protect Your Energy Hero Image

We all need to create healthy boundaries. Whether you're highly sensitive (like I am) or not, this is an essential daily practice that helps you protect your energy and harness it in ways that have a positive impact.

I've always been sensitive to the energy of words, the news, how people were treating each other or animals and struggles in different parts of the world. For most of my life I was unaware that I was absorbing so much information around me — but I take in more than just what meets the eye, and I feel things strongly. I often can tell when someone on the world stage is lying, or I can feel what's not being said when someone is talking; I feel the pain or emotion in a situation, and I empathize deeply with others' experiences.

As I stepped onto my spiritual path a few years ago, I discovered that we are all one and that separation is an illusion — the body plays a trick on us making us think we are not connected to each other, but there's an energy and spirit that is woven between and through us, thus explaining why we have the ability to feel so interconnected. In other words, when one of us suffers, we all suffer; when we're happy, we create a positive ripple effect on everyone in our lives.

I began to pay more attention to my energy and I realized that when I was operating on the higher frequencies of love, happiness, peace, my life started getting better. Relationships improved, my business grew, my message grew, and I physically, emotionally and mentally felt more balanced and strong.

There are powerful ways in which we can protect our energy from lower energies of fear, or toxic situations and people, and harness the positive energy of love.


1. Make awareness a priority.

Our energy is our currency. We don't have time to feel like crap — and we're meant to live to our full potential, so it behooves us to notice how we are feeling around certain people and situations, what we see on TV, even what we're eating and drinking. We can also be aware of what our emotions and those of others are, so that we don't have to take on other people's stuff and make it our own.

With higher levels of awareness around what feels good and what doesn't feel good, we're able to walk away from things that don't serve us, send our positive energy and intentions to those who need it, and create boundaries around us and the unwanted energies.

2. Create your intention.

Intention allows us to protect ourselves from what we don't wish to invite in and to allow what we do wish to invite in. We are in charge of our personal experience, and no one else has the power to affect how we feel if we are consciously choosing what we accept. We are responsible for how we feel. A simple intention may be, "I intend to only invite in positive, loving energy and experiences. I am not open to lower energies."

3. Meditate consistently.

In meditation, call on spirit, your guides, or loving energy for protection — you can use whatever word you would like. You are not alone and you can ask for help, which activates a loving force that is waiting to assist you. Close your eyes and visualize a bright golden light surrounding your body — or any color you like to use. Feel the energy and support of unconditional love that is all around you and within you. Sit here and bask in the brilliance of this bright light.

Take this with you throughout your day; when you feel your energy dip, you can close your eyes and visualize it expanding its glow around you and restate your intention and call on help for protection.

4. Check your thoughts.

Our thoughts powerfully manifest our external experience. They affect our energy and if we are vibrating on the higher frequencies of love, happiness, inspiration, we will bring in more of what we love; if we are down in the lower energies with thoughts of fear, worry, lack, doubt, judging then we will experience more of what we don't want.

Being aware of what we are thinking allows us to realign our thoughts from fear to love when we need to. This is a moment-to-moment practice and gets us present with ourselves so we can experience life more fully.

5. Learn to say no.

And to say yes to things that you know will serve you. When we feel drained after spending time with someone, this might be a toxic relationship that we need to say no to; when we feel energized after spending time with someone, it's something we can say yes to more often. Saying no to others can be difficult especially if you find yourself wanting to please others or fear upsetting them, but doing what's best for you serves everyone because we are not meant to act out of guilt or obligation and when we take care of ourselves, we can take care of everyone else in a much bigger way.

When we are operating on our optimal level internally, we will experience much less chaos on the outside, and much more harmony. Our energy affects everything. Tending to our internal landscape daily allows us to create a life we love and to feel our best. When we are protecting our energy, not in a fear-based way, but from a place of self-love, we are able to harness it and use it to focus on our life's purpose — which is our happiness and doing what we love in the world.

Photo Credit: Eric Yagoda

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