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If You Don't Sweat When You Exercise, Are You Still Getting A Good Workout?

What to keep in mind the next time you're drenched after a workout.

Leigh Weingus
April 7 2017

What Does "Namaste" Actually Mean?

We hear it all the time, but what truly lies at its core?

Isabelle Marsh, MSW
April 6 2017

I Practiced Yoga Every Day For 6 Weeks. Here's What I Learned

As it turns out, there IS enough time for what's important.

Samantha Kellgren
April 5 2017

4 Yoga Poses To Keep Your Gut On Track While You Travel

Because who wants to be constipated on vacation?

Elyse Sparkes
March 30 2017

Do These Daily: The 3 Most Meditative Yoga Poses

The more time you take in each pose the better.

MIja Speakman
March 28 2017

The Leader Of LA's Yoga Scene Says Kundalini Can Change The Shape Of Your Face

The yoga that increases your radiance and natural glow.

Guru Jagat
March 24 2017

How These 7 Yogis Get Glowing Skin Every Single Day

Say goodbye to your dull complexion for good.

Leigh Weingus
March 22 2017

8 Moves For A Total Body Workout You Can Do Anywhere

You don't even have to leave your apartment for this one.

Laura McDonald
March 18 2017

How Taking Up Weight Training Can Totally Change Your Practice (Yes Yogis, I'm Talking To You)

The moment I integrate weight training back in, even just one to two times a week, I feel and notice the difference almost immediately.

Sophie Jaffe
March 17 2017

I Left The Corporate World To Open A Yoga Studio. Here's How You Can, Too

We caught up with Y7 founder Sarah Levy to find out how she turned her unique passion into a thriving business.

March 16 2017