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I Work 24/7. Here's How I Find Time To Exercise, Eat Right, And Have Fun

Health coach Nikki Sharp shares the four routines she relies on to stay grounded and get it all doneā€”no matter how busy she gets.

Nikki Sharp
March 7 2017

How Yoga Can Help You Save Money

Brb, going to yoga immediately.

Anuradha Sarkar
March 7 2017

Yes, Kundalini Yoga Makes You More Creative. Here's How

Plus, a Kundalini exercise to awaken your creativity.

Guru Jagat
March 3 2017

Have Insomnia? These Yin Yoga Poses Will Put You Right To Sleep

You'll finally start logging eight hours.

Lynda Griparic
February 17 2017

Have A Big Goal? This Is The Most Important Thing To Remember

For anyone who's struggling to achieve that big dream.

Michael Taylor
February 13 2017

How To Combine Tantra, Yoga & Meditation For Sexual Empowerment

"I felt a monumental shift in my consciousness. That was the first time I realized sex could be empowering. It stripped away layers of shame....

Psalm Isadora
February 3 2017

Your Guide To Nurturing Your Adrenal Glands

Taking care of your thyroid and neglecting your adrenals is a huge mistake.

Fern Olivia
January 31 2017

How These 8 Yogis Exercise When They're Not Doing Yoga

How do yogis work out when they're not doing yoga?

Leigh Weingus
January 31 2017

Got Insomnia? These 4 Simple Stretches Will Help

Because you deserve a good night's sleep.

Gregory Brown
January 27 2017