One Word This Yogi Swears By For Living A Joyful Life

Photo: mbg Creative

Move the way that feels good. Tara Stiles, founder of Strala, has centered her work around helping people find ways to be easeful and joyful through yoga. For Tara, peak performance is about taking yoga off the mat and into relationships, teaching, and love. Doing this is one way to move through life in a way that’s natural and authentic.

Strala means "to radiate light" in Swedish. Living by example, Tara has grown an international presence and interest in Strala Yoga, which has led to book deals, international growth, and unprecedented opportunities to reach thousands through her teachings.

Most recently, Tara has become a new mom, facing a new set of challenges with raising a toddler. Watch this video to find out how she finds ease and grace and what inspires her to keep practicing.

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