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This Type Of Magnesium Supplement Is The Easiest On Your Gut

Here's how to avoid one unpleasant side effect of magnesium supplements.

Jessica Timmons
June 10 2020

This Immune-Boosting Greens Powder Is Basically Nutritional Gold

Registered Dietitian Miranda Hammer shows us how—and why—she incorporates greens powder into her meals to supercharge her food with extra nutrition.

7 Nutrients You Need For Optimal Health + How To Get More Of Them

From iodine to zinc, there are a number of essential minerals that are crucial for our overall health.

Laura L. Rokosz, PhD
October 3 2015

62 Foods For Digestive Health

Micronutrients are the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to function. We can't make them naturally, so we have to get them through food or...

Mira Calton
August 19 2015

Vegan Salad Bowl With Creamy Coconut Hummus

This delicious, nourishing meal is perfect for Meatless Mondays.

Osha Key
September 28 2014

10 Ways To Manage Your Stress

In today’s world, stress is almost inevitable. We feel stressed from different factors such as work, family, and lifestyle, and it affects us...

Krystelle Fournier
March 26 2014