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How To Start A Successful Health Coaching Business (Yes, You Can!)

Start your journey helping people make life-changing health shifts.

#health coaching #Financial Wellness
Emma Loewe
5 hours ago

The #1 Way To Quiet Self-Doubt & Achieve Your Goals, From A Health Coach

"If the way you talk to yourself is filled with negativity, blame, or shame, no 12-step skincare routine can fix that."

#healthy aging #Journey #Purpose #health coaching
Jena Burton
March 17

I Switched From Finance Into This Health-Centric Career & I'm So Glad I Did

After reversing my autoimmune disorder with food, I set out to teach others about functional nutrition.

#health coaching #Journey #autoimmune #immunity #functional nutrition
Ellie Mesgarha
February 26

Why Doctors Are Going Back To School To Take Our Holistic Health Program

Next stop: more personalized and compassionate patient care.

#health coaching #pain
Emma Loewe
January 26

After 14 Years As A Spiritual Coach, This Took My Healing Work To The Next Level

I've learned so much in these past 20 weeks.

#health coaching #Journey #Purpose
Yasmine Cheyenne
December 23 2023

Burnt Out At Work? This Fulfilling Health Career Is Around The Corner

Beat burnout and fall in love with your work again.

#health coaching #stress
Emma Loewe
November 24 2023

I've Worked In Health Care For 14 Years: This Program Transformed My View Of It

Here's how it equips the next generation of effective coaches.

#health coaching
Kelly Greene
November 6 2023

This Program Took My Health & Career To The Next Level

I'd recommend this program to anyone looking to dive deep into functional nutrition.

#health coaching #functional nutrition #healthy aging
Liz Bane
November 2 2023

Switching To This Career Has Made Me Such A Better Communicator

I picked them up from mindbodygreen's Health Coach Certification program.

#health coaching #friendship
Jena Burton
October 23 2023

Unfulfilled At Your Corporate Job? Make The Switch To This Health-Centric Career

In just 20 weeks, you can lay the groundwork for a fulfilling new path.

#health coaching

What To Expect When You Hire A Health Coach, From Intro Call To Final Session

Plus, how to get the most out of the experience.

#health coaching
Emma Loewe
October 13 2023

I'm A PT: This Program Has Revolutionized The Way I Provide Care

HCC has shown me another way to administer health care—one that's better for both patients and practitioners.

#health coaching #pain
Carly Egrie, DPT
October 4 2023

Students Are Calling This Health Certification "Transformational" In Every Way

"This has been a beautiful and deeply transformative experience."

#health coaching #Purpose #Journey
Emma Loewe
September 27 2023

Is mindbodygreen's Health Coaching Program Legit? Here's What To Know

Here's how it sets students up for careers in coaching.

#health coaching
Emma Loewe
September 13 2023

I Saw Doctors In 4 Countries For My Illness — How It Led Me To Health Coaching

Now, I'm part of a faculty that wants to change the health of the world for the better.

#health coaching #functional nutrition
Darshi Shah, NBC-HWC
August 17 2023

Life Coach vs. Health Coach: What's The Difference & Which One Is More Useful?

Here's which one to start with.

#health coaching #functional nutrition
Colleen Travers
June 12 2023

Are Health Coaches Legitimate? Health Care Insiders Weigh In

"The main goal of a health coach is to take out the guesswork of your healing journey."

#health coaching
Colleen Travers
May 18 2023

Graduates Call This Program "Phenomenal" For Anyone Passionate About Health

"Signing up for and completing the mbg Health Coaching course was the best decision I have ever made. Period."

#health coaching
Emma Loewe
May 5 2023