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This Often-Used Hair Product Is Likely The Cause Of Dull Hair

We already knew it was bad for your scalp, too.

Alexandra Engler
October 10

Thinning Hair? Camouflage Your Crown With These 4 Hairstylist Techniques

All it takes is some creativity in the hair care department.

Jamie Schneider
October 9

You're Probably Using Too Much Moisturizer: Here's Why You Shouldn't Overdo It

Where's the fine line when it comes to moisture? We consulted the experts. 

Jamie Schneider
October 8

These 4 Houseplant Apps Basically Turned Me Into A Green Thumb

The next best thing to having a botanist on speed dial.

Emma Loewe
October 8

The Full Circle Connection Between Beauty & Agriculture — And Why It Matters More Now Than Ever Before

This brand is showing how beneficially interdependent these two worlds can be for our communities and the environment.

Krista Soriano
October 7

Can You Use A Scalp Serum For Fuller Brows? Maybe — Here's What Experts Say

Technically, yes, but it's not such a simple switch—and there are a ton of tiny details to mind.

Jamie Schneider
October 5
PAID CONTENT FOR Rent the Runway

I Tried It: Why Rent The Runway's Newest Membership Is The Most Sustainable (And Affordable) Way To Shop This Fall

mbg's director of client experience reviews Rent the Runway's newest membership.

Samantha Schwartz
October 5

Lead With Love: A Therapeutic Skin Coach On Listening & Responding To Stressed-Out Skin

Communicate with your skin and find the optimal routine to care for it.

Hayley Wood
October 5