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The 8 Best Mattresses For Snoring Less (& Snoozing More)

Plus, why you might be snoring in the first place.

Jamey Powell
August 19

I'm A Cosmetic Chemist & This Tip Will Make Your Lip Balm Work Even Better

Sometimes, it's not the product itself that works wonders but how you apply it.

Hannah Frye
August 18

You Should Avoid This Kind Of Self-Tanner, According To A Top Derm

It's summer 2022—sunbathing is out, self-tanner is in.

Hannah Frye
August 17

Why This Derm Swears By Postbiotics — Not Probiotics

In this episode of Clean Beauty School, we talk about a multilevel approach to skin care, the latest on skin microbiome research, and so much more.

Alexandra Engler
August 16

Bleaching Your Brows Can Be Dangerous — How To Mimic The Look, Sans Bleach

As the '90s showed us, brow trends are not always forgiving.

Hannah Frye
August 16

From 25 To 75: This Supplement Can Promote Skin Longevity At Any Age

Regardless of your topical routine, this will help you tend to your skin from within.

Hannah Frye
August 14