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The Complete Zodiac Guide To 2016. What's In The Stars For You?

The AstroTwins
January 2, 2016
The AstroTwins
By The AstroTwins
Ophira and Tali Edut, known as the AstroTwins, are professional astrologers based out of New York and Seattle. Their work has been featured in The New York Times, Elle Magazine, Vogue and Good Morning America and they are the authors AstroStyle, Love Zodiac, Shoestrology, and Momstrology.
January 2, 2016

Wondering what's in store for your 2016? Here's your full-on guide to the upcoming year, thanks to our zodiac gurus, The AstroTwins.

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Wax on, wax off, Aries grasshopper. In 2016, you’re learning the power of a routine, and the strength that comes from disciplined development. While progress might not happen overnight, the small steps you take ARE adding up so trust in the process. These lessons come courtesy of expansive Jupiter, who is parked in Virgo and your sixth house of work and healthy living until September 9.

Freelancing Rams may file for an LLC or take a “real job” for stability’s sake. Adopt a more minimalist lifestyle: clean and green are your keywords this year. A series of eclipses galvanize the health and healing zones of your chart too, furthering your desire to downsize, detox and destroy the demons of addiction or unhealthy habits. Is the ivory tower calling your name—perhaps in a new corner of the world?

Structured Saturn is parked in Sagittarius and your ninth house of education and travel until December 2017. Apply for that degree program in London or even an online university’s specialized training if it will put you in a new pay grade—or on a more fulfilling path.

On September 9, magnanimous Jupiter moves into Libra and your partnership zone for a year. Relationships become your raison d’etre so partner up for pleasure, business or a creative collaboration. Your tastes could turn to the unconventional or the cross-cultural as Jupiter opens your mind to people who break from the standard type. Long-distance relationships are possible too come September. Not that you have to wait until then to get your love on.

On March 23, a Libra lunar eclipse could bring in a proposal…one with a sparkling ring or a plum contract. (Lawyer up!) Amorous Venus visits Aries from April 6-May bringing a rush of spring fever too. And your ruling planet Mars spends nearly half the year in Scorpio and your erotic eighth house (from January 3 to March 5 and again from May 29 to August 3) ensuring that you’ll sizzle like the Aries siren you are.

The new moon in Aries falls on April 7, so consider that date your cosmic New Year and set a few spring-fresh goals. Make your wish list and vision board because the potent seeds you plant will bear fruit under the Aries full moon on October 15. PS: This is the first Aries full moon in three years that isn’t a lunar eclipse—and that’s kind of a relief.

On October 18, 2013, October 8, 2014 and September 27, 2015 la luna packed an extra punch, pushing for rapid-fire change, developments and renewal. But eclipses in your sign can be disorienting too, so enjoy a full moon this October 15 that lets you shine without blowing any fuses!


Ready, aim, fire! Cupid’s golden-tipped arrows are pointed directly at your heart in 2016—a year to let love rule. Until September 9, supersizer Jupiter floats through Virgo and your fifth house of passion, glamour, creativity and fertility. Ready to put a ring on it or a bun in the oven? Strike now while the ethically mined diamonds are hot.

(PS: Jupiter is retrograde from January 7 to May 9, so the period between May 9 and September 9 is the most ideal for solidifying mergers.) Although Mercury will be retrograde then, the solar eclipse on September 1 is a platinum day for engagements, weddings and pregnancies! Sultry Mars shoots electric current through your partnership houses from January through September—why yes it IS getting hot in here!

Also, serious Saturn is on a slow-wind through Sagittarius and your eighth house of perma-bonding. As much as you love the honeymoon phase, you’re also playing for keeps. The urge to merge assets could make you richer or poorer under Saturn’s weighty hand. Steer clear of people whose character and sense of loyalty is dubious. Anyone who triggers extreme jealousy should also be crossed off the list.

The jade-eyed monster will be on your shoulder all year and you’re better off finding friends and lovers who know how to reassure you. But should envy strike DO get the facts before you react!

Creatively, your visions are off the charts in 2016—and Jupiter could bring fame and recognition for your grand ideas. You might be vaulted to a position of leadership or publicly recognized for your talents. Shameless self-promotion is sanctioned by the stars so get the PR campaign underway.

This is no year for waiting around to be discovered! You’re in it to win it, Bull. Let your competitive spirit take the wheel and go, unapologetically, for the gold. One exception: X out April 29-May 23 for any marketing as Mercury retrogrades takes a signal-scrambling dip in Taurus for three weeks. On September 9, Jupiter moves on to Libra and your sixth house of work and healthy routines for a year. It will be easier to funnel your grand schemes into a sensible strategy then. You might even get a “real job” in the fall or turn a side gig into a bona fide LLC.

The new moon in Taurus falls on May 6 this year, so make sure you initiate something major for yourself that day. Don’t rush to plug it into a spreadsheet right away. First, allow the creative process to take hold, dreaming as if the sky was the limit. Once you have all the “what if’s” on the whiteboard, you can wave the practical magic wand over your ideas. You’ll reap the rewards in the fall, under the light of the Taurus full moon on November 14.

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Who wants to play house? Quicksilver Geminis could actually “settle down” in 2016, trading their leather hot pants for a pair of drawstring-waist mom jeans. Kidding! Well, about the mom jeans part. Your nesting instincts take the wheel this year as Jupiter hunkers down in Virgo and your domestic zone until September 9.

The question is: Where will you hang your wide-brimmed fedora next? Globetrotting Jupiter could point you to a new postal code or a yearlong position overseas. With maturing Saturn in Sagittarius and your partnership house all year, you’re ripening to the idea of a real-deal relationship — and with someone who stands the test of time. Your bae can never be basic but you could click with someone a little older or more established now. Don’t rule out the long-distance route if you find your amour in a far-flung place.

Already involved? Your merger takes on a more serious tone: You might marry (quietly, sorry Vegas chapels) or relocate to support a partner’s business goals. Lawyer up! A contract could come your way that has too much fine print to review on your own. On September 9, lucky Jupiter heads into Libra and your fifth house of passion and true love. If your mojo’s been in slow-mo earlier in the year, the tide turns quickly. Dressing up, pursuing creative interests and prioritizing pleasure are the key to bringing sexy back this fall. (Now where ARE those leather hot pants, again?)

Career-wise, 2016 brings exciting changes and projects that make your heart sing. Jupiter could even spur a work-related move before September. Is that the London office calling? Mars brings tons of momentum too (and a side dish of stress if you aren’t careful) as it tours Scorpio and your vocational sixth house for four months: January 3-March 5 and May 29-August 3.

Bored and watching the clock at work? No thanks. Take the initiative and create a project that challenges you. Curb excess spending. Your ruler Mercury turns retrograde four times in 2016, each time forcing you to review your finances and polish up your professional presentation. Refine, review and revise. Tightening up the Gemini ship is not gonna kill you, it’s only going to make you stronger! Here are those retrograde dates: January 5-25, April 28-May22, August 30-September 22, December 19-January 8, 2017.

The new moon in Gemini arrives on June 4 this year so embrace a new path or adventure then. As a social creature, this might also involve selecting a new wingman, festival buddy or BFF to support your mission. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and be patient with the process. You’ll see those Doric columns by the corresponding full moon in Gemini on December 13.


Float like a butterfly, pince like a crab. In 2016, you’ll earn your wings as the zodiac’s most extroverted sign — quite a status change for you! Thank jovial Jupiter for that. The red-spotted planet is breezing through Virgo and your supersocial third house until September 9.

You could find yourself at the center of the action, organizing, gathering and playing entertainment director for your coterie. No need to travel far. The local scene buzzes with activity and kindred spirits are plentiful. You could even buy property after September 9, when Jupiter heads into Libra and your domestic zone for a year, restoring your nesting instincts once again.

Getting to know lots of people will benefit your career in 2016; use “network” as a verb this year. With taskmaster Saturn parked in your sixth house of work and healthy habits you will need to put considerable effort towards your career this year too. Developments could happen at a slower pace or you may have to pay some dues in order to get to the next level of the game. Careful not to go into martyr mode though!

Saturn could bring burnout if you don’t take proper breaks to recharge, exercise and eat well. Get a trainer if you have trouble motivating to the gym.

Romantically, you’re in the clear as Saturn has FINALLY moved out of your romance house. Jupiter can make you a fearless flirt and white-hot Mars tours Scorpio for four months (January 3-March 5 and May 29 to August 3) galvanizing your fifth house of romance, fertility and glamour. Take the lead in love but moderate your mojo so you don’t come on too strong.

There could even be a pregnancy under Mars’ hand — or the birth of a creative masterpiece that brings you fame and recognition. Give yourself a glamorous upgrade in February or June, focusing on your hair and adding more pop to your wardrobe. Ardent Venus cruises through Cancer from June 18 to July 13, another hot window for amour.

The only Cancer new moon of 2016 arrives on July 4, with a bonus declaration of independence. While you love the comfort of your crew, this is the day to push ahead on a solo mission, developing YOUR interests and ideas. Kickstart a solo project or invest in your self-development through classes or coaching sessions.

Oddly, there are no full moons in Cancer this year (the last one was on Christmas Day 2015) so you’ll have to wait until January 2017 to harvest the bumper crop July 4 brings.

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Glamour and fame are your stock-in-trade, Leo, but in 2016 you’ll shine with a more sophisticated sparkle. Maturing Saturn is rooted in Sagittarius and your expressive, romantic fifth house all year, dialing down drama and giving life a more serious tone. Stop swinging from the chandeliers and plant your crimson-soled heels on solid earth.

Don’t worry: The A-listers won’t forget you while you take this “sabbatical.” This somewhat conservative year provides an opportunity to assess your image, review your relationship patterns, and position yourself as the wise and capable royal who is meant to lead the troops. Work behind the scenes to master your craft and you’ll put a polished presentation out there again before this Saturn cycle ends in December 2017.

Keep your mind on your money too! Lucky Jupiter treks through your financial zone until September 9 helping you earn more but burn less. Budget is not a dirty word in 2016. While you’ll spend less on luxury, you’ll see growth in your savings accounts and investments, a recipe for sweet serenity.

Romantically, Saturn will spur Leos to settle down a bit. You could get serious about finding The One, setting a wedding date, babymaking or, alternatively turning your creative “baby” into a bona fide business. Be patient with the process. Fertility treatments may be necessary or a change in diet and lifestyle to support the pregnancy process; you could also adopt. Not ready to rock the cradle? Make sure your protection plan is tight. Energizer Mars shifts back and forth between the care-taking and fertility zones of your chart from January 3 to September 27, which inspires your desire to nurture something, anything!

Take your nephews to Disneyland or get a Chihuahua so you don’t go from “hot mama” to “mother hen” in your love life. Family matters could be both heartwarming and stressful this year so you’ll have to set healthy boundaries with your DNA-sharing posse and close friends. Give, but not ‘til it hurts.

Your social life heats up in the fall when Jupiter heads into Libra for a year on September 9. Forgot how to flirt? Jupiter restores your gift of gab in September and you’ll have them at hello. Another sultry window for amour comes this summer while Venus tours Leo from July 13 to August 6.

Every year you get a new moon in your sign, a date that should be considered your cosmic New Year. In 2016, the new moon in Leo falls on August 2. Do a mid-year assessment and revamp your goal sheet accordingly. The corresponding full moon won’t come until early 2017, but don’t worry. There’s a full moon in Leo in 2016—on January 23 to be exact—a date when you’ll reap the rewards of all your hard work from 2015. Given that lucky Jupiter was in your sign for most of LAST year, January’s payout should be a big one!


A whole new world! A new fantastic point of view! With lucky Jupiter cruising through Virgo until September 9, you’ll feel like an astrological Aladdin in 2016, riding the cosmic wave to new crests of success. The bountiful, red-spotted planet only visits your sign once a decade, so take advantage of the auspicious window for growth and expansion it brings.

Start a business, go back to school, trek the Incan Trail! Jupiter wants you to embrace the new and take a risk, caution flags be damned. In 2016, you’ll turn your world on its ear and finally go after your dreams. Make a budget for classes, coaches and consultants. Erudite Jupiter could bring some amazing teachers your way before September.

You’ll develop a taste for truth serum too as Jupiter in Virgo can make you quite blunt! Warning: you could also run the risk of TMI and overexposure. Writing a tell-all memoir, recording a YouTube series in your bedroom or announcing a big secret on Facebook could be dicey terrain. Spin your own stories, yes, but keep some sort of privacy policy in place too. And DO take extra precautions about what you type, tweet or say while Mercury is retrograde in Virgo from August 30 to September 22.

In between your flights of fancy, domestic issues demand attention. Stern Saturn is hunkered down in your home and family sector until December 2017 helping you strengthen your roots. A family member—your mom even—could be a great source of support to you and vice versa. Female friendships and alliances could be both challenging and rewarding under Saturn’s tenure.

Stay away from the mean girls (no matter how cool their club is) and make room for soul sisters. You could even start a business with your girl gang. Buying property could bring a real deal sense of security, whether for your home or a rental property. Take your time with the search and buy within your means.

Romantically, you may be ready to play house or communicate about conception and co-parenting. If you’re on the fence about babymaking, Saturn can help you discern the right path. This might even involve adopting or bringing home a pet if you’re not ready to parent a real human. Two eclipses in Pisces rock your relationship realm—on March 8 and September 16—and can bring epic, if not surprising developments in this arena. Do we hear bells…or the sound of your heels clicking out the door?

Eclipses come with an “all or nothing” clause. If no one gets off the fence, you could deliver an ultimatum near those dates. With “cosmic Cupid” Venus in Virgo from August 6 to 31 you’ll be quite the love magnet in the late summer—a fine time to be single and enjoy your options too.

Each year, you get one new moon in your sign and in 2016, yours is a supercharged solar eclipse! Circle September 1 as your triple-strength cosmic New Year and take initiatives on your own behalf. You’ll have to wait until early 2017 for the manifestation, but earlier this year—on February 22, 2016—a full moon in Virgo brings a bounty of rewards for all your efforts in 2015.

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Summon those spirit animals, call upon your guides! Until September 9, horizon-expanding Jupiter vision quests through your ethereal twelfth house, a time for soul-searching and surrender. Forget forcing an agenda for the future. Instead, make your motto, “be here now.” Signs, serendipities and miracles pop up at every turn. Your job, Libra, is to pay attention.

Keep that iPhone tucked in your bag for a while. Develop a meditation practice that quiets that “monkey chatter” in your mind so you can hear the wisdom of your own divine intuition. Jupiter in your twelfth house wants you to heal and deal. Tie up loose ends, complete projects, make amends, detoxify your body and declutter your life.

Freeing yourself of dead weight prepares you for lift-off when Jupiter blasts into Libra on September 9! This visitation only happens once a decade and you’ll want to be baggage-free (or close to it) for the voyage! Before September, reach up for support, tapping experts like doctors, therapists, nutritionists and coaches. Jupiter could bring some incredible Yoga figures your way, especially near the health-oriented eclipses on March 3 and September 1 and 16.

While you’ll need more solitude in 2016 there’s no risk of becoming a lone wolf. Solid Saturn journeys through Sagittarius and your third house of kindred spirits and communication all year bringing reliable companions your way. Joint ventures will nourish your soul and pad your pockets. But heed Saturn’s warning label to develop slowly and put all agreements in writing.

Motivator Mars spends four months in Scorpio and your work and money sector (from January 3 to March 5, then May 29 to August 3) helping you pursue cash-positive professional opportunities. Need to set a date to complete a project? On March 23, you could celebrate an EPIC victory during a lunar (full moon) eclipse in Libra. This eclipse is the last of a series that began in October 2013 so you could see the culmination of efforts that you’ve been developing for the past two-plus years.

Romantically, Jupiter’s trail through your twelfth house can bring fairy tale moments in spades this spring and summer. Love feels like a sweet escape for many Libras, and you’ll happily don the rose-colored glasses. Single Libras could meet a soulmate under this transit or finally drop your defenses and let a suitor in. Just make sure you aren’t screening out red flags or getting codependent with your partner.

Rescue missions are not romantic; they’ll just drag you down. If you have some mourning to do, turn it into a sacred ritual. Set up an altar for a dearly departed love — or a bonfire for the stuff left behind by your toxic ex, the one who kept coming back like a bad case of scabies.

You’ll host ardent Venus (your ruling star) from August 29 to September 23, high season for dating and romance. When Jupiter hits Libra on September 9 — followed swiftly by your 2016 new moon on September 30 — you’ll be quite the risk-taker. If that means nudging a relationship to the next level, plunge on in!

But save whitespace in your schedule for “me time” too. The right measure of absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Plant your feet on solid ground — and stay there a while. Stability brings serenity in 2016 as structured Saturn camps out in Sagittarius and your second house of foundations. This is a huge relief! From October 2012 to September 2015, you hosted the taskmaster planet in your sign — a phase that felt a lot like boot camp.

This year, you’re free of Saturn’s grip and a lot clearer about the path you want to walk. Although many results come slowly and steadily in 2016, growth is guaranteed. Roll up your sleeves! In 2016, you’ll feel the rewards of a hard day’s work. Treat yourself to luxury, but moderately. Saturn insists that you stay on a budget. And when you DO splurge, quality is a must so reach for solid brands and products with warranties.

There’s more momentum for your ambitions too! Go-getter Mars spends four months in Scorpio this year — from January 3-March 5 and May 29-August 3 —twice the length of its usual stay. With Mars pumping high-octane fuel into your system, you’ll be a veritable Action Jackson — ain’t no stopping you now! A leadership position has Scorpio stamped all over it and you could claim your well-deserved corner of the executive suites.

While you’re wearing the captain’s hat in 2016, don’t forget: teamwork makes the dream work. Lucky Jupiter spins through your communal eleventh house until September 9 calling for collaboration. You could also make a mint from a digital venture this year, thanks to Jupiter energizing your tech sector too. Move over, Silicon Valley gazillionaires!

Your love story will be sensual, spicy AND adventurous in 2016. While Mars hovers in Scorpio in the first half of the year you’ll have off-the-charts sex appeal. You might even prefer single status so you can “taste the rainbow” of options.

Curb those compulsive Scorpio urges — and the attraction to danger — or you could get into more trouble than you care to handle. Two eclipses in Pisces and your romance houses — on March 9 and September 16 — could bring swift developments in your love life, including an engagement or pregnancy.

Ardent Venus cruises through Scorpio from September 24 to October 20 keeping the heat full-blast this fall. On September 9, Jupiter floats on to Libra and your healing, transitional twelfth house for a year. You’ll need more solitude and dream time then; some Scorpios could even take a gap year or a summer to sail around the Mediterranean with your amour—or even by yourself!

Each year, the cosmos gift you a new moon in your sign, a day for hitting the refresh button and planting new seeds. In 2016, the Scorpio new moon falls on October 30 so circle that as a date for initiating big plans. You’ll celebrate a full moon in Scorpio earlier in the year, on April 21. Expect a downpour of results to flood in, a manifestation from the Scorpio new moon that fell on November 11, 2015.

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Goals, goals, goals! Break out the power suit, Sagittarius, because 2016 is bringing epic developments for your career. Your ruling planet Jupiter holds court in Virgo and your tenth house of success until September 9. Like a guided missile you’ll radar in on a major mission, one that can boost your prestige and professional rep. Just don’t try to hit too many targets at once!

Stern Saturn is slogging through Sagittarius until December 2017 insisting that you operate from a plan — and a more conservative one, at that. Focus and discernment is essential if you want to grab the brass ring. Alas, there’s not much room for dabbling in 2016. Unless your interest in a subject or project is serious—and profitable! — shelve it for 2018. Though you prefer the indie-spirited maverick role, in 2016 you’ll groom yourself as a leader and manager. Learning to delegate will save your sanity.

Only let go of the reins to qualified collaborators, people who have earned their merit. Polish up your presentation too. Though Forever 21 might be your spirit age, your wardrobe, resume and other “branding” needs to sing with sophistication now.

Of course all work and no play makes Sag a dull archer. In 2016, fun will have to be scheduled. Reserve at least one day or night each week for unstructured playtime. With sultry Mars cruising through Sagittarius from March 5-May 29 and again from August 3-September 27 you’ll sizzle with sex appeal. These are fabulous days to promote yourself or make a bold romantic move!

Mars also winds through Scorpio on and off from January through August, illuminating your twelfth house of fantasy and escape. Distinguishing a player from a prince has never been your optimistic sign’s forte. And while you might blow off steam with the bad boys and girls this year, don’t start fantasizing about ring shopping and monogrammed towels unless you’re in a real-deal relationship.

With Jupiter in your tenth house, attached Archers could start a business with your romantic partner or become more of a public pair—hello, power couple! You could also fall for someone a little older or more established. On September 9, Jupiter moves on to Libra and your fun-loving, team-spirited eleventh house for a year. Time to lighten up and let your hair down again—a beat that’s far more natural to your sign. You could also strike gold with a digital venture, and even raise capitol by crowdfunding in the last quarter of 2016.

Every year, you are guaranteed one new moon in your sign and in 2016, that falls on November 29—an early cosmic New Year if you will. But you’ll start the year on the heels of the December 11, 2015 new moon in Sagittarius. What did you cook up near your 2015 birthday? Those results will manifest midyear, on June 20, under the light of the Sagittarius full moon.


Do you believe in unicorns? By the time 2016 is over you just might. With your ruling planet Saturn flowing through your enchanted twelfth house all year, magic and miracles abound — the biggest one being your sudden desire to kick back and relax. Try as you might to force things, Saturn is teaching you lessons in (glug) surrender.

Let go so you can grow, Capricorn! When you send your inner control freak on sabbatical, you’ll become the Magellan of The Miraculous. If you have any mourning to do about a past hurt, give your emotions their proper attention. Great healers and therapists are everywhere you turn; treat yourself to their support. Also, learn to meditate, do yoga often; find soothing activities (painting, playing guitar, tantric bedroom play) to quiet your mind. You might even study a metaphysical subject or learn about alternative healing processes.

Passport, please! Jet-setting Jupiter is circling through Virgo and your worldly, adventurous ninth house until September 9. Go explore new vistas, sign up for retreats and open your mind to people from different backgrounds than your own.

Not that you’ll be “all woo, all the time.” Jupiter in your ninth house can rev up your entrepreneurial nature, making 2016 a great year to launch a business. On September 9, Jupiter zips into Libra and your ambitious tenth house for a year, reawakening your inner CEO. All those horizon-expanding experiences you had in early 2016 could spawn a killer business idea in the year’s final quarter. Some Capricorns will receive a major promotion in Q4, particularly when ambitious Mars cruises Capricorn from September 27 to November 8.

Eclipses in your teachable zones could even land you on the podium or bring a book deal, allowing you to wax on about a subject you’ve mastered. Mercury will be retrograde twice in Capricorn this year—from January 8 to 25 and again from December 20 to early 2017. Cross off those dates when it comes to pitches and presentations. You’ll need to refine and revise, even take some plans back to the drawing board.

There are also two new moons in Capricorn this year, which is awesome and rare. Like a triple shot of New Year’s energy, plant more seeds on January 9 and December 8. You’ll harvest results midyear during the Capricorn FULL moon on July 19.

In love, 2016 could be both dreamy and elusive. Saturn in your twelfth house could spur some fantasy-fueled moments, but you could also fall prey to codependence. Don’t accept vague status from a lover if you want a real deal relationship. Setting limits and even delivering ultimatums could be necessary.

You’re a giver, but there’s only so much you can provide, Capricorn! It’s your job to keep your relationships in balance, however, and that might mean giving less and asking for more— clearly and lovingly. Traveling with your sweetie will be epic while Jupiter is in Virgo until September 9. You could meet your match while on vacation or give a long-distance relationship a go. After September, some Capricorns could combine two burning passions and start a business with your partner.


Passion, mystery and intrigue — oh my! The air is perfumed with seduction in 2016 as supersizer Jupiter slinks through Virgo and your eighth house of intimacy, eroticism and transformational breakthroughs until September 9. Take a plunge into the deep end of the pool! Coasting along with that cool, casual, comedic vibe is not an option now.

In 2016, you’ll radar in on a few key relationships that you want to develop, then, give them your all. Privacy, please! While the camera loves an Aquarius, Jupiter in your eighth house demands discretion. What happens behind closed doors could be awe-inspiring this year, but it shouldn’t be public domain. From mind-blowing tantric make-outs to joint ventures signed with permanent ink, your urge to merge is insatiable. When it comes to love you won’t settle for less than a soulmate — one who can follow up a good Fifty Shades escapade with intellectually stimulating pillow talk.

Loyalty is essential as Jupiter could exacerbate jealousy and trust issues. Amorous Venus tours Aquarius TWICE in 2016 — from February 18 to March 13 and again from December 8-31 — extending the Valentine’s Day vibes. Coupled Aquarians could buy property together, put a ring on it, or finally head to couples’ therapy to dissolve the deeper blocks between them. Hint: resentment, secrecy, or unspoken expectations may be the troublemakers to attack.

Saturn, on the other hand, is parked in your teamwork zone until December 2017, bringing solid support from a community. You could take on a leadership role within an organization or finally commit to member status. Although you’ve “never met a stranger,” tighten up the radius of your inner circle and be more selective about who you label a true friend.

The eleventh house is the tech sector of the zodiac wheel and geek is chic in 2016. This Saturn cycle could bring profits from an online business, app, or even a scientific invention. Go-getter Mars spends four months in Scorpio and your ambitious tenth house (from January 3-March 5 and May 29-August 3) making you quite the tycoon. You’ll be fired up about pursuing professional goals and could even lure an investor to put dollars behind your dreams.

Just make sure your competitive energy doesn’t veer into cutthroat terrain. On September 9, Jupiter heads into Libra and your ninth house of entrepreneurship, expansion and higher education. As 2016 winds down you could file for an LLC, set up a crowdfunding campaign, enroll in a degree program or teacher training. Motivator Mars tours Aquarius from November 8 to December 19 giving an extra push to “do you.”

2016’s only new moon in Aquarius galvanizes the skies on February 8, a powerful date for planting seeds, initiating contact with people, or taking a chance on your dreams. You’ll have six months to tend to your crops before the harvest comes during the full moon in Aquarius on August 18. P.S. This full moon is an “appulse eclipse,” meaning it skirts VERY close to being a bona fide eclipse but falls just a tiny bit short. As a result, the rewards you reap could be more bountiful and even surprising in August.

And just wait — on August 7, 2017, the Aquarius full moon WILL be a real deal lunar eclipse, helping you leap into an even bigger league.


Make it a double, Pisces! You could find your perfect pairing in 2016 — for business, pleasure or another joint venture. Thank expansive Jupiter for this. Until September 9, the red-dotted planet is touring Virgo and your seventh house of relationships. While common interests are a must, give credence to the rule of “opposites attract.”

A complementary force can be ocean floor for your flowy mermaid vibes, helping you feel grounded and stable. While this relationship’s predictability can be a tad stultifying at times, don’t bolt from the couple bubble because you’re “bored.” Relationships like these allow you to grow as an individual — and that kind of support is nothing to be sneezed at. Jetsetting Jupiter sets the stage for romantic adventures too. Take that European vacation with your partner or hit the festival circuit where you could meet a sexy someone to share your tent — and your life.

Cross-cultural relationships simmer with extra spice in 2016; long-distance ones too. Some Pisces may relocate in the name of love. A solar eclipse in Virgo on September 1 could mark a relationship milestone, and things could develop swiftly near this date! On September 9, Jupiter floats on to Libra and your eighth house of perma-bonding, deepening these dynamic duos. You could get engaged OR walk away from a bad romance. Choose your partners selectively because the people you attract this year could stick around for the long haul.

There’s an equal emphasis on self-development this year, especially when it comes to your professional pursuits. Staunch Saturn is parked in Sagittarius and your career zone until December 2017 helping you progress steadily along your path. Your ruler Neptune will form three tricky squares (90 degree angles) to Saturn — on June 17, August 26 and September 10 — insisting that you balance your fantastical visions with practical magic. Work with stylists, coaches and graphic designers to polish up your image and give your “branding” a sophisticated update. Some Pisces could be slowly transitioning into a new field.

Saturn brings wise mentors for this pursuit and you could even enter a degree or training program. Pro tip: don’t rush to quit your day job before you have another economic stability plan lined up. Motivator Mars will activate your career house for a good chunk of the year too, flowing through Sagittarius from March 3-May 29 and again from August 3-September 27. And from December 19 on, Mars visits Pisces, ensuring that you’ll end 2016 with a remarkable feather in your cap.

Each year you get one new moon and one full moon in your sign, and in 2016 these lunations are super-powered eclipses! Like a triple shot of motivating energy, they’ll push for growth and change. Hang on to your chapeau, Pisces, because you’ll feel the first gust with the solar (new moon) eclipse in Pisces on March 8.

Sealing a chapter of your old life may be unavoidable as you embrace the bold offerings of this eclipse. And circle September 16 for the galvanizing manifestation date when the lunar (full moon) eclipse in Pisces kicks life into the highest possible gear.

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The AstroTwins
The AstroTwins

Ophira and Tali Edut, known as the AstroTwins, are professional astrologers based out of New York and Seattle. Their work has been featured in The New York Times, Elle, Vogue, and Good Morning America. They have been dubbed “astrologers to the stars” after reading for notable celebrities, including Beyoncé, Emma Roberts and Stevie Wonder. The AstroTwins have collaborated with Nordstrom, Kate Spade and Urban Outfitters, among other major brands. They have authored four print books: AstroStyle, Love Zodiac, Shoestrology, and Momstrology, and have a growing collection of ebooks, including their popular annual horoscope guides.

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