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Why Being Wrong Is the Best Thing for You

Zoë B
August 28, 2012
Zoë B
By Zoë B
mbg Contributor
Zoë B is a career coach, author, and founder of the SimpleLifeStrategies blog.
August 28, 2012

Have you ever been in an argument where you fought to the death just to be right?

What is it about ‘being right’ that’s so appealing? Because let’s face it - no one wants to be wrong do they?

The thing is, being right is actually overrated. And I’ll tell you why.

If you break it down, ‘being right’ is about ownership of knowledge. We ‘prove’ ourselves to be right by using supporting evidence or knowledge.

Usually it’s based on experience. We might say ‘I know that this is right because I’ve experienced it.’

Or ‘this fact proves the point.’

But ‘existing knowledge’ can actually hinder our creative process.

When we feel like we’re right, we close off our mind to other options. We become narrow minded. And we become stubborn.

In my opinion, ‘being right’ can sometimes block our creativity and how open we are to solutions.

Plus, no one really likes someone who’s ‘always right’. They come across as arrogant and unwilling to see other people’s point of view.

Being wrong, however is just brilliant.

Because once you allow yourself to be wrong you stop striving for perfection and ironically throughout the process you find an imperfect perfection. A perfection where you ultimately free yourself from the rigidity of ‘being right’.

Anything is possible when ‘being wrong’ is OK.

Because we become open to infinite possibilities and this is where our true inner genius can flourish.

And we are no longer wasting energy trying to be right. We’re focussing on the solution.

Sometimes knowledge can weigh us down like a lead balloon. Sometimes we just need to let go and be open to what’s possible.

5 Reasons Why Being Wrong is the Best Thing for You

1. When you focus only on ‘being right’ you focus on just one thing: you’re opinion. This intent focus can cause a narrow-minded attitude that can do more harm than help.

2. When you’re open to ‘being wrong’ you literally ‘open your mind.’ Instead of just focussing on one thing (your opinion) you’re mind is open to receiving other people’s solutions. This is where creativity and solutions can flourish.

3. While knowledge and past experiences can be helpful, it’s important not to rely on this too much. Excessive knowledge can confuse instead of provide clarity. Sometimes a ‘clear head’ is what’s needed instead of a head full of knowledge.

4. By allowing yourself to ‘be wrong’ you’re no longer hanging onto perfection. Perfectionists often get nowhere because they are too scared to try in-case they fail. When you’re ‘OK’ with being wrong you will try more things than most people. And if you’re willing to try then who knows what might happen!

5. No-one likes a ‘know it all’. You will gain more respect from others by admitting when you’re in the wrong than by always trying to be right.

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Zoë B

Zoë B is a career coach, author, and founder of the SimpleLifeStrategies blog. After a career in corporate advertising and marketing, she turned to the world of strategic thinking, studying neuro linguistic programing and coaching with the Institute of Human Technology. Currently based in Sydney, Australia, she is passionate about helping people find fulfilling careers.