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Astrologers Warn That This Week Could Be Full Of Tense Power Struggles

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June 26, 2021

When does maximalism cross the line into "too much to handle"? That's a question to ponder this week, according to the AstroTwins' forecast.

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On Thursday, July 1, Mars in fiery Leo locks into a rare opposition with structure hound Saturn in logical Aquarius.

This polarizing pull won't be easy to navigate. Mars is the accelerator, while Saturn is the emergency brake. Just as you're about to gun the engines or blast off on a daring plan, the buzzkill of pragmatism could pull you down to earth. (Damn you, gravity!)

There's a hidden blessing here, though. Saturn, which happens to be retrograde until October 10, is insisting that you refine all your visionary plans. Some rules just weren't meant to be, yeah, gravity. But Mars' role is to keep you on your toes so you don't get stuck in a rut. 

Blending the Saturn-Mars vibes could help us pull off the perfect combo of old school and new world. Form can follow function and still feel fresh! There may be clashes with authority figures near Thursday—and a continued faceoff between the old guard and the world's progressive thought leaders. The cry for change may be met with pushback to keep things as they've "always" been. At best, the Mars-Saturn dust-up might help us find a happy hybrid; at worst, the battle lines will be drawn, pushing people further apart. 

Mars wages a second battle on Saturday, evoking another power struggle.

This time, the red-hot planet is throwing blows at combustible Uranus in Taurus as the two lock into a challenging square. If you've been strutting around like an entitled royal since Mars moved into Leo on June 11, look out! Populist Uranus in Taurus can't stand the swagger.

If someone tries to "cut you down to size" during this dramatic square, you may have to defend your honor and ideals. But take a hard look: If your confidence is more of an act than a reality, it's probably best to "de-puff" and get humble. Modesty (not self-deprecation) can attract support from helpful people who want to share their bounty of resources. Monitor your own authority issues. If you feel annoyed by someone's "bossiness"; don't just assume you're reading the situation correctly. Maybe it's time for a more democratic approach, but that means you and the rest of the team also have to step up and take on more responsibility.

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Trigger alert! If you're spending time with family this weekend, Sunday's square between the nurturing Cancer Sun and healer comet Chiron in Aries could bring a jolt of shock therapy to your interactions.

Pro tip: Rather than succumbing to ancient infighting, seize the opportunity to do things differently. Step one: Declare your independence from dysfunctional dynamics, ancestral trauma, or any other debilitating patterns that have grafted to your family tree for far too many generations.

Make a promise to take care of yourself—and declare it out loud, record an audio memo, slip a reminder note in your pocket! Whatever it takes to remember your commitment to serenity when people start pushing your buttons. (And trust us, they will.)

Familiar "bonding" styles are hard to resist, even when they drive a wedge. Don't take the bait! Instead, lean into Chiron in Aries, which activates the "spiritual warrior" in you. Change is possible—and proven through studies of neuroplasticity—but it takes conscious effort to transform old ways. For that reason, you may want to limit your exposure to certain people. Stop by your sister's barbecue for an hour, for example, then go meet up with your chosen family for the real celebration.

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The AstroTwins
The AstroTwins

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