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10 Ways To Get What You Want In Life

Tara Stiles
May 30, 2013
Tara Stiles
mbg Class Instructor
By Tara Stiles
mbg Class Instructor
Tara Stiles, founder of Stråla Yoga and author of "Clean Mind, Clean Body"
Image by BONNINSTUDIO / Stocksy
May 30, 2013

We all spend some time considering what we want and how to get there. We plan, meditate, and take action. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we wobble, but hopefully we get back on the good foot and keep on doing our thing.

There are a lot of trends and secrets claiming that if you do these five things you’re sure to find success, or if you follow a certain rule book, you’ll achieve all your dreams. Just like yoga, when you move like yourself, and feel into the full range of yourself, you’ll get intuitive, inspired, calm, capable and an incredibly strong and radiant body too.

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Moving like you and feeling into you is the practice that delivers all the answers for your life. Trust in that and you’ll get what you want.


There's only one YOU on this planet. Take advantage of that. You're inspiring, creative, intelligent and capable. Spending any energy trying to be like someone else is foolish. Cultivate who you are by working on yourself. Spend time meditating, practicing ease, and becoming the best version of yourself. It’s a process. Allow yourself to room to breathe, grow and change. Never stop growing.

Trust your instincts.

“I feel there are two people inside of me — me and my intuition. If I go against her, she’ll screw me every time, and if I follow her, we get along quite nicely.” -Kim Basinger 

Cultivate your intention. Write it down. What is your aim with what you're doing? Choose your action based whether it fits into your intention. Let your intuition be your guide. Don’t worry about gain; just follow your intuition.

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Be nice to people.

“Your Karma is a continuum, part of the process that is happening to you now, not something far away in future life.” – OSHO 

This is my favorite one, and it's important to add that you should be nice to everyone whether you think they can do something for you or not. You’ll feel more connected to yourself and your passion when you start to extend your generosity toward people who can’t offer you anything other than a smile in return.

Work hard.

“Hard work has made it easy. That is my secret. That is why I win. If it were easy everyone would be a champion.” - Nadia Comaneci

No one is going to do the work for you. Find the ease. Work efficiently. Use what you need. Rest what you don’t. 

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Do what you love.

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” —Milton Berle 

When you're doing something you love — no matter what you’d be getting paid or what you think the outcome might be — not only will you enjoy yourself more, but you'll have a better chance of actually creating a sustainable life. It’s ok to have a job that pays the bills and do what you love as a hobby. Putting pressure on your passion to put a roof over your head can snuff the flame out of your inner fire. Spend your time doing what interests you and your interests may just turn into a business, but don’t worry if the business is small or big. Have fun doing what you love. 

If you knock and the door doesn’t open or it's locked, instead of breaking it down, try another door, or go for a walk and see what else you find. 

Stop complaining.

"Instead of complaining that the rosebush is full of thorns, be happy that the thorn bush has roses.” - Proverb

If you don’t like how something is, change it. We can’t change everything, but we can do quite a bit about our circumstances when we drop the complaints. You have to like where you are in order to get where you're going. Get comfortable with who you are and work from there.

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Take care of yourself.

“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.” - Buddha 

Your health is a responsibility that is completely in your control. Make time for relaxation, practice and stimulation. Take baths. Read good books. Take long walks. These activities are crucial to your health and your success. 

Don't listen to your critics.

“If I were to try to read, much less answer, all the attacks made on me, this shop might as well be closed for any other business.” - Abraham Lincoln 

No need to get wrapped up in what others think of you. Lots of praise and lots of criticism can be the same trap of seeking external approval. Focus on your intention and do the work. 

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Be patient.

“If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention, than to any other talent.” - Isaac Newton 

Things might not (and usually don’t) happen with the timing that you want. Patience can be your biggest asset. Cultivate it. Allow space for things to turn out different than your plan. Different might be a lot better, so broaden your perspective.

Have fun.

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” - Katharine Hepburn 

If you’re not having fun, then what’s the point? Who made the rules? Watch your intention. It could very easily end up on a t-shirt for your next clothing line  

What do you want, what are your intentions, and what is your plan to get to where you are headed? 

I’d love to know! 

Tara Stiles
Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles is the founder of Strala Yoga, a revolutionary approach to healing through movement. She's also the author of Clean Mind, Clean Body. Thousands of guides are leading Strala classes around the globe in partner studios, gyms, and clubs. Strala has been illustrated in a case study by Harvard Business School, and its philosophy of ease and conservation of energy are incorporated by business leaders, entrepreneurs, and well-being professionals.

Stiles teamed up with W Hotels on Fit with Tara Stiles—a program bringing Strala Yoga classes and healthy recipes to W properties around the globe. She collaborated with Reebok, working closely with the design team on their yoga lifestyle range, as well as developed a line of knitwear and homeware with Wool and the Gang. Stiles has authored several books including Yoga Cures, Make Your Own Rules Cookbook, and Strala Yoga, all translated and published in several languages. She has been profiled by the New York Times, Times of India, The Times.

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