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10 Ways to Become Your Most Badass Self

Stefani Beckerman
December 4, 2012
December 4, 2012

When we lose touch with our true selves, we experience anxiety, stress, fear, loneliness, boredom, insecurity, or unhappiness. Fortunately, the more we focus on being the most authentic version of ourselves, the more we can transcend these states.

I call this connection "The Spiritus Link."

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Spiritus is Latin for spirit, breath, soul, courage, and vigor. It’s the balanced center between our inner and outer worlds. It is the truest expression of who we are. It’s the place inside us where we cut through the noise of the ego. It’s our home, it’s our core, it’s our anchor, it’s our intuition, it’s our light, and it’s our guru.

When you feel uninspired, sad, confused, tighten the S-Link and you will empower yourself.

We are conditioned to react to discomfort. Sometimes we will feel disparity, hopelessness, anxiety, fear, and sadness. But, if we continue to apply these concepts to our everyday life, that practice eventually leads to living peacefully, happy, and free.

I have found some tools, in the order listed below, to develop and improve this awareness of our Spiritus. Practicing them eliminates confusion at divergent paths, and teaches us to integrate effective practices for healthy living. Give them a try, and let me know what you think!

1. Figure out who you are. 

Peel back the layers and let yourself be seen. Love who you are and let that be so powerful that you don’t seek any validation from others. Part of this process is to stop judging people and situations; it will unconsciously help you drop your guard. Behind the body, behind the spiral of thoughts from your overactive mind, deep inside where you feel your breath, that’s where your find yourself.

2. Go slow and steady. 

Go with the flow. Observe your surroundings, ask the right questions to yourself and others, and then just listen.

3. Trust your path. 

First, commit to yourself. Know that your process is perfect for you. There is no one right way. Cultivate an unshakeable trust in your instincts and belief in yourself. Maintain the faith that an energy greater than you realize has your back.

4. Be fearless. 

Fear blocks success. It’s the language of the ego that leads you directly away from where you want to go. Tear down the walls that fear built inside you which clog your passageways to reach The Spiritus. Let what scares you surface, and then pass through.

5. Tell your truth. 

Your truth is what is. Who you are, what body you’ve been given, what gifts you have. Forget about imperfections, we all have them, embrace what is yours. Your truth is also what you need in this moment, what you feel, what you see. Let it out, it’s the only way to accept yourself and let people in.

6. Move and sweat. 

Acceptance, forgiveness, letting go. These are the goals. We try to control our life and it creates tension. Hold the space for what you want to accomplish, drop expectations of the order it’s supposed to happen, and welcome how it IS happening. Don’t hold onto anything negative. Exercise and making food choices that keep your mind, body, and soul feeling good is a key way to master these principles.

7. Look with love. 

Love everyone, every stage, and every thing happening because it’s all part of your process that’s taking you where you want to go. If you’re in a funk, just think of it as a higher education. Learn something from it. We live this life, and we’re lucky to have it. Savor it and be grateful for it by using an optimistic lens.

8. Practice patience. 

If you continue to return to the S-link and vibrate on that level, you will accomplish many versions of all your dreams. Patience is about holding onto the unshakeable knowingness that you will get there, even if you don’t know where you’re going. No doubts.

9. Remain in the moment. 

We’re constantly in transition. Every moment is fleeting; instead of clinging to it, move seamlessly into the next. Intend to be present in everything you’re doing, every conversation you’re having. Don’t let the mind overwhelm you with things to stress about. Meditation and yoga help a lot.

10. Gratitude. 

Keep it flowing. Love, care, compassion, and gratitude – read some studies - it’s the heart’s proven optimal state, and operating from this place is how you attract more of that beautiful state.

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Stefani Beckerman
Stefani Beckerman

Director of Strategic Alliances for Thrive Market. Peace, love + rock 'n roll.

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