The One Thing People Get Wrong About Destiny, According To A Shaman

The One Thing People Get Wrong About Destiny, According to Shaman Durek
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In this excerpt from his brand-new book Spirit Hacking, Shaman Durek shares his take on destiny, manifestation, and why we should all be dreaming bigger.

If you want to know your future, you don't need to consult a psychic, or an oracle, or a tarot reader. All you need to do is pay attention to what you are doing now. The future isn't this mysterious, preexisting construct that is waiting to surprise us once we catch up to it. The future is a synthesis of everything we are thinking, doing, saying, and being now.

What most people refer to as "the future" is just an extension of the present moment, which is always moving. If I were to speak to you right now, the words would leap into the past before your brain had a chance to register them. And that past would immediately lead to the creation of my next experience, which will create the next, and the next, just as that past would immediately create your next sequence of experiences. The future is comprised of tendrils like this, and each tendril represents a certain series of choices, and all these choices are quantum, which means that each one leads to its own array of different experiences.

Life does not unfold by chance. It is built upon the choices we make.

There is no single future path that leads us to some grand destiny human beings seem to think they're moving toward. There is no one destiny. Life does not unfold by chance. It is built upon the choices we make. Every choice leads us along one of those tendrils, and at any given time, we can change direction, and leap on over to another tendril—another pathway, another dimensional reality—by shifting our perspective and changing the way we think.

Those operating in the quantum field of experience understand that the future does not exist until we create it. That awareness allows us to recognize the creative opportunities that are available in each and every moment, which allows us to manifest from a platform of expanded possibilities.


Why we should all aspire to be "good dreamers."

Shamans say that a person who lived a good life was a good dreamer, meaning they created a lot of options for themselves. A good dreamer avails themselves of all the possibilities that are held within the quantum field of experience and knows that the way to access these possibilities is to allow their feeling state to permeate their being. Everything that exists in the spirit world is a flow—like a river, or a stream. Nothing is static, or fixed, or permanent.

So when a good dreamer decides they want to experience joy, they invoke the feeling of joy in their body, which allows them to magnetize a dimensional river that flows at the frequency of joy. Then they jump in and wade in the joy stream for a little while and see where it takes them and what doors it opens. Then the energies shift because everything is always in flux, and now maybe our dreamer is wanting to experience some affection. So they call forth the feeling experience of affection, and then they get to see what happens in the stream of that flow, and what possibilities open up for them in the waters of affection. Then, when they feel ready, they step out of the river of affection to immerse themselves in the stream of inspiration, or in the stream of magic, or in the stream of play, or in the stream of stillness.

It all exists, and we can jump into any stream at any time when we are operating in the quantum field of experience and allowing ourselves to be fluid.

How and why to past tense your future.

Most people manifest by speaking their desires into the future. They talk about all the wonderful things they are going to have, and all the wonderful things they are going to do, and all the wonderful things they are going to create. What they don't understand is that every time we say we are "going to" do something, we move that energy further and further from us, into that procrastination construct called the future.

When we speak in the future tense, we delay our manifestations. Speaking in the past tense is a powerful spirit hack because it allows us to bypass the influence of the past and to create from a fresh place, quickly. When we speak our future into the present, we clear the slate, so to speak, in declaring a new now and a new trajectory. This means we speak about the things we are manifesting as though they have already happened.

Based on an excerpt from Spirit Hacking: Shamanic Keys To Reclaim Your Personal Power, Transform Yourself, and Light Up the World by Shaman Durek (2019) with permission from the publisher.

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