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The Internal Shift That Will Help You Create Miracles

Laura Di Franco, MPT
Physical Therapist By Laura Di Franco, MPT
Physical Therapist
Laura Di Franco, MPT, is a physical therapist with a practice in Bethesda, Maryland. With almost three decades of expertise in holistic physical therapy, six published books and a third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, her energy and methods are contagious and unlike anything you’re experienced.
The Internal Shift That Will Help You Create Miracles

Dwelling in possibility is the magic key to doing anything, being anything, or healing any part of your life — if you believe it. What do you believe?

Dwelling in possibility gives me a front-row seat to the healing power we (you!) have, and the miracle of creating the rules for your own life. As I watch clients wake up and give themselves permission to be themselves, accepting all their wild dreams and desires, it's apparent that age has nothing to do with whether or not our lives are filled with purpose and joy.

You have a powerful internal guide that will tell you how to solve any problem.

You may disagree, but why not entertain the possibility? What do you have to lose? If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I’m too old to start that,” “It’s too late to heal this; I’ve missed my chance,” or “It’s too late to make a change,” then read on: This one’s for you.

I’m 47. My daughter is 13. My mom is 69. And I just met an 81-year-old fellow writer/world changer in a Facebook group. Which one of us is it too late for? Which one of us is too old to follow our dreams? And who can decide this but us?

One day last year, my nearly 70-year-old mom said, “I’m going to Cambodia with my church. We’re going to work in the restoration center with children victimized by sex trafficking.” After her third husband died a few years ago, she moved back to her childhood home to start fresh, and dreamed about how she’d help heal the world.

Nothing, including the grieving and loneliness of being a widow, stopped her from staying the course of her life. Nothing kept her from thriving. The key for her was practicing the awareness of her purpose and of the possibilities available to her.

Maybe you’re sick, injured, or otherwise feeling burdened. This is where I’d like to step in and shake up your definition of healing a bit. It doesn’t matter what illness, injury, surgery, or dysfunction you’ve got — it doesn’t define you or your ability to heal, change, and transform. You have the power to change everything!

You have a powerful internal guide that will tell you how to solve any problem. It’s simply a matter of learning that language. It’s a matter of awareness, and understanding the voices in your mind that perpetuate stale belief systems.

This includes physical problems or life-purpose issues — making decisions about your house, job, relationships, or family. You have within you an intelligent, sensitive, super-powerful energy that, when wrapped in a fierce awareness, will point you in the direction of health and happiness — no matter your life stage.

“I won’t be able to get better to the point of really enjoying my life like I used to,” said a client of mine one day. “I was such a great tennis player, but I can barely walk these days. I might as well accept the fact that I’m not what I used to be,” she continued.

When I meet with agitated, resigned, dubious, and fearful clients, I know the primary obstacle to their healing is a lack of awareness. If you think it’s impossible, then it’s impossible. So when someone comes to me for healing, the first thing I want to do is show them they have the power to change their thoughts and beliefs, and that that will change their reality.

I help them retrain their minds to believe in possibility, untether their souls, and allow them to feel hope, purpose, and joy.

I’ve been lucky enough to see miracles. I’ve watched bodies racked with pain, dysfunction, and disease transform. I've seen souls at rock-hitting bottom rise up again. I’ve seen rainbows. And the sunrise. I know what I’m here for and what’s within me. I allow magic, gratitude, possibility, and love to be my focus. What are you focusing on? It matters.

When you tell me you’re too old, or it’s too late, what I hear is that you’re afraid, tired, or don't think it's worth the struggle. That may be fair. But if you have a dream, then be inspired by the possibility, and go for it. No excuses. Find a way to heal. Figure out what you were meant for. Get the help you need to realize those dreams.

How would you rather live your life: paralyzed by doubt or inspired by possibility? The trick is to observe your doubts and fears and take action despite them. Make this awareness a practice, and you’ll have the key to healing anything that might've stopped you.

“I’ll be going back to Cambodia next week,” my mom reminded me on the phone one day last week. I can hear the smile on her face. “I’ve written all the stories and skits we’ll read to the kids. I’ve emailed the director to ask if there might be a bigger role I can play there when the mission is over.” She can’t stop talking about the details. Passion, purpose, and enthusiasm don’t have an age limit.

Let us know if you have a “never too late” story. Or go make one. And don’t ever stop dreaming big.

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