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5 Steps To Manifest More Money

Tara Mullarkey
September 10, 2014
Tara Mullarkey
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September 10, 2014

There's no lack of money in the Universe. The only difference between you and someone who has a lot is the way they think about money. They think abundantly. They deeply believe they have enough and they always will.

I had a call with a follower yesterday who is a very positive and spiritually aware person, but when the topic of money came up, the energy turned stressful. She very naturally stated that she has so much debt, and that she couldn’t even think about paying for a coach, as well as that she doesn’t believe that her potential clients could pay anything close to what coaches ask for their services.

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I grew up in a single mom immigrant family. Money was a struggle. It was always thought of as a hard to achieve status symbol. I never believed I would have more than a decent salary would provide me.

That was until I started to learn about metaphysics and spirituality. Understanding how thoughts are energy completely changed my life. I began to become aware of my mental patterns of lack and limit and began to consciously change them.

At first I felt like a fake, a liar, and that I was being unrealistic, but pretty soon I started to see my money world change. I even manifested my corporate layoff and a sufficient severance package to support a world travel spiritual sabbatical.

Here are five ways you can begin to change your money mindset today:

1. Watch your language around money.

I don’t have enough.

That’s too expensive.

I’ll never be able to buy that.

Watch your words not just in what you say, but in what you think, too. Create a money mantra, such as, “Money comes easily and frequently,” or, “There’s always more where that came from,” to help change your thought patterns.

2. Bless your money.

True abundance starts with appreciating what you already have. Get to know your money — your income, bills, bank accounts, cash. What you focus on grows.

3. Celebrate abundance in others.

Believe others have it. Be happy for those who have what you want. Watch your tendency to see other’s money limitations and instead see all they do have and wish them more.

4. Charge well for your services.

It’s like you’re commanding to the Universe that you expect to be supported in an easeful way. You should have the kind of lifestyle you deserve. It’s not bad, or greedy ... it’s your birthright. When you ask others to pay for your service, you're giving them permission to invest in themselves and uplevel their life.

5. Be generous.

Invest in yourself. Donate. Say, “I’ll treat,” sometimes. When you truly live with an abundance mindset, you continuously expand, even in the face of economic or personal contraction. Plus, being generous feels good and feeling good is a surefire way to bring more things and experiences that feel good.

You may desire a million bucks in the bank, or just enough to have a nice lifestyle. Whatever you wish is perfect and worthy, and the Universe wants to support you. What I know for sure is that more than having more money, you want the experience you believe money will give you: that your life feels full of ease and joyful.

Start celebrating abundance in everyone and everything and watch it show up more easily in your life.

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Tara Mullarkey

For more than 5 years, motivational speaker, self-help author and success mentor Tara Mullarkey has helped countless women reveal their Highest Destiny and boldly unleash it into the world. She is extremely dedicated to guiding women to their authenticity, power, and uncovering their unique mission in life.

After a six year career in Corporate Banking, Tara embarked on a six year spiritual sabbatical with Masters around the world -- from India to Bali, Australia to Mexico. She then brought these spiritual teachings to her business experience and now mentors women in transformational coaching programs and events to unleash their gift on the planet.

Some of her more recent innovations include: Revolutionary Radiance, a highly popular weekend mentor coaching program that helps women break free and skyrocket their personal and professional success -- on their own terms.

She now lives in Venice beach, Los Angeles, California with her pitbull, Diesel.