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What Even Is A 'Vibration' + How Do You Raise It?

Bridget Raateland
Written by Bridget Raateland
What Even Is A 'Vibration' + How Do You Raise It?

I often hear people describe an experience or place as having a good or bad "vibe." I'm sure you have too. These days, social media is filled with expressions the likes of "Good vibes only" or "Don’t kill my vibe." When used in such a lax sentence, we don't take these vibes too seriously, but they actually have a much deeper definition under the surface.

What is vibration?

Let’s go back to fifth-grade science, when we learned that everything in the entire universe is made up of atoms. Inside an atom, you have subatomic particles like electrons, protons, and neutrons. The thing is, when you look at an object, whether it be a chair, a flower, or a piece of fruit, you’re only seeing the physical part of the atom, which is not even 1 percent of it! So what is the other 99 percent? Energy waves. Energy waves can vibrate at high or low—fast or slow—frequencies.

Recognize anxiety and stress for what they are: simply energy that needs to pass through your body in order for you to move forward.

We, too, are made up of atoms that are always emitting and absorbing light and energy. For example, have you ever spent a night awake in your bed, stressed about your to-do list or anxiety about a situation, only to wake up in the morning and find that everything feels all right again? This might have something to do with the fact that light has a high vibration and darkness has a lower one.


Why do I need a high vibration?

I believe that everything that manifests in life is a reflection of your vibration. When you emit a high vibration, you have a life full of clarity, joy, and love. You become more aligned, more connected with your intuition, and you can easily process your emotions. Based on the Law of Attraction, we know that like is thought to attract like. So why shouldn't a higher vibration equate to a more positive life?

You can raise your vibration through both actions and thoughts. It’s natural to have negative thoughts from time to time, and that's more than OK; it’s how we deal with them that matters. Recognize anxiety and stress for what they are: simply energy that needs to travel through your body in order for you to move forward. Acknowledge your thoughts, accept them, and allow them to pass.

How do I raise my vibration?

This is by no means an exhaustive list of things you can do to raise your vibration, but I hope it gives you some ideas to test out.

1. Gratitude:

Write down three things you are grateful for in this very moment. And don't just mindlessly scribble them down. Write them with intention and really feel the weight of them. Focus on the gratitude cultivating deep down in your soul.

2. Kindness:

Walk down the street for a few minutes and I guarantee there will be an opportunity to do something kind for someone else. Whether it’s helping an old lady across the street, letting someone pass in front of you, or something as simple as giving a compliment or a smile.


3. Sunshine:

It’s no secret that sun makes us feel amazing, so get outside and get some rays. If there aren’t many sunshine hours where you are, a walk in nature does the trick too!

4. Creativity:

Whatever your creative passion is—be it writing, cooking, photography, or drawing—do it whenever and wherever you can!


5. Exercise:

It doesn’t have to be strenuous; it can be as simple as a slow stroll, yoga session, or stretch.

6. Hugging:

Hug a friend, hug your mum, hug your dog, hug a stranger! Hug anyone you can and make your day and theirs!


7. Earthing:

Go barefoot! Get your toes in the sand or on the grass and notice your energy change as you soak up those free electrons from Mother Earth!

8. Dancing:

Put on your favorite beats and have a boogie! So simple but so effective!

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