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5 Simple Steps To Thrive

Felicia Spahr
July 22, 2013
Felicia Spahr
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July 22, 2013

Every day you make choices. You choose to haul yourself out of bed. You choose to look in the mirror and give yourself a wink. You choose to smile and say hi to people on the street.

You might not do these things, but imagine how you might feel if you did?

And you choose — every day — how you’re going to move yourself forward. The actions you take are the seeds you plant to be healthier, smarter, better at what you do.

To be more kind, more loving, more compassionate. To continue to grow and be the best version of you.

Which is the reason why you do what you do.

But what if there were an action you take to achieve your dream more quickly? What if you could understand something infinitely better than trying on your own? What if you were less stressed in certain situations, and happier all around?

If your actions are seeds you’re planting, think of people as your miracle grow.

What do I mean by that?

You have friends. Family. Loved ones. You think you have everything you need. But there's always more to learn, and more people to learn from.

So I challenge you to plant the following five seeds, and watch how your life grows like a beautiful herb garden outside your window:

1. Reach out to one person in your line of work that you don't know. 

Why? There may be infinite ways you can support each other down the line — especially if you’re in the same position, or happen to have the same goals. Establishing a relationship with someone in your line of work can be someone you can bounce ideas off of when you’re on a mission, got a big vision, or need to make something happen. Like, now.

2. Introduce yourself to one person you’ve been secretly dying to talk to.

You can do it in person, or maybe over email, with the simple intention of starting a conversation and making them smile.

3. Send a short, handwritten note or heartfelt email to one close friend

Sending a card to a friend out of nowhere can be a great reminder that you have a person you can not only love for the good hell of it, but also can reach out to when things get hairy.

4. Engage in a conversation with a stranger and ask them a question about themselves. 

How does their hair look so fabulous? What’s one great eating place they can recommend in the area? And the best one yet — what’s their name?

5. Think of someone who seems virtually unreachable, but in whom you're extremely interested. 

Taking on a mindset of “This person is human, and so am I” when you reach out to someone who seems lightyears ahead of you, could be a serious game-changer, happiness-maker, and a crazy formula of miracle-grow like you’ve never seen before.

These things seem like they have nothing to do with achieving a dream faster, understanding a difficult topic, being less stressed, or feeling happier.

But people are our real currency. Our fertilizer, if you will.

Let’s play with them and let them know we see them, love them, and want to create big, bountiful things happen together.

Like I said, just plant those five seeds.

And watch them grow.

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Felicia Spahr

Felicia helps leaders – CEOs, executives, and founders – achieve peak performance and increase their charisma so they can focus on dramatically growing their business and teams. She also runs the blog Instantly Irresistible that helps people develop personal magnetism and have fulfilling relationships.