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3 Signs You're Meant To Help People + How To Figure Out Your Gift

Lloyd Burnett
July 12, 2015
Lloyd Burnett
By Lloyd Burnett
mbg Contributor
Lloyd Burnett is a San Diego based writer and spiritual teacher. He is the author of The Voice Inside Your Head: How to Use Your Mind to Instantly Create Financial Security & Attract Money.
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July 12, 2015

Have you ever felt that you’re here on this earth to help others? Do you have a strong desire to make this planet, and the beings who inhabit it, a better place?

If so, it's possible that you're be meant to be a healer of some kind. Your purpose on this earth is to extend your intuitive healing gifts to those around you (and of course, also to yourself). A healing professional is a person whose life purpose is to help guide others to experiencing the wholeness of their existence.

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This could be in the form of counseling, massage therapy, acupuncture, coaching, herbalism, Reiki, yoga, energy work, medicine, psychic reading, or any other modality that promotes personal growth.

You may be experiencing the call to become a healing professional, but you doubt your abilities to help others and are scared to take the steps to fulfill your life purpose as a healer.

If any of these three signs resonate with you, it could mean you’re being called to explore a healing gift you possess.

1. People have called you sensitive.

Do people call you sensitive because you easily feel your emotions? Maybe it’s a movie scene that makes you cry or a friend’s behavior that affects you deeper than it seems to affect others.

Sensitivity is often judged as a bad thing or a quality to overcome. However, it’s a sign that you’re very connected to energy and can tap into the vibrational frequencies of the Universe.

When you accept your sensitivity as a part of your healing gift, you can begin to learn how to shift from allowing energy to grip your mind and mood, to learning how to set energetic boundaries so that you can observe energy and interpret it rather than take it personally.

2. You’ve had physical symptoms that are acting as signals.

Have you been experiencing mysterious physical symptoms like headaches, anxiety, fatigue, stress, back pain or digestion issues? These symptoms can be our physical body calling for us to notice our healing gifts and begin stepping into our power.

When you ignore your healing gifts, these gifts will try to get your attention. For an example, stillness is required to attune yourself to energy and access your gift. In a fast-paced world of deadlines and striving for success, you may not give yourself permission to stop and be still. Therefore, the body will try to force you to be still through physical symptoms and pain.

It’s just like if you twist your ankle, the body will swell your foot and you will experience pain so that you have no choice but to rest and allow yourself to access healing.

3. You find yourself procrastinating and self-sabotaging.

Accepting your gift as a healer is an incredibly scary thing to do — it makes you feel vulnerable and possibly full of preemptive self-doubt. As children, we are trained out of our gifts because of a collective fear of that which is uncertain. We learn not to trust our imagination, intuition, and instincts — and instead we’re taught to follow rules and embrace pragmatic values.

Of course, paying the bills is important, and no one is saying that you should renounce society in favor of being a healer. But recognizing the importance of imagination, intuition and instincts is also essential.

Unfortunately, we learn that if we follow our imagination, intuition, and instincts, we are doing something wrong and that there could be consequences. This idea is ingrained in most children’s minds at an early age.

Therefore, as adults we procrastinate, distract, and self-sabotage to protect ourselves from accessing our gifts. Since we learned as kids that it’s dangerous to use these gifts, we protect ourselves by trying to turn off our gift through protection mechanisms like procrastination, distraction, and self-sabotage.

Do any of these three symptoms resonate with you? If so, it’s time to figure out exactly what your healing gift is.

Are you an Intuitive?

You most likely have intuitive abilities if you often use phrases like, “I feel like ..." "That feels good/bad ..." "I have a feeling that ...”

Intuitives have feelings or hunches that they can learn to interpret into ideas and guidance for themselves or others.

Are you an Empath?

You most likely have empathic abilities if you feel overwhelmed in large groups of people, or feel like you take on other people’s emotions. Also, you often find yourself in the role of listener and identify as more of the quiet or introverted type.

Empaths are very sensitive to human and animal emotions and can help people who are disconnected from their emotions identify and understand their feelings.

Are you Psychic?

You most likely have psychic abilities if you have a strong imagination and/or have vivid dreams. Perhaps you often use phrases like, “I imagine ..." "I see ..." "It looks like ...”

Psychics have a strong inner vision that manifests itself in the form of visions, dreams, and imagination. When you begin to trust this ability, you can start to interpret the things you “see.”

If you’re ready to claim your role as a healing entrepreneur, then it’s time to work with the blocks that are keeping you stuck. Check out this free training on fear and manifestation.

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Lloyd Burnett
Lloyd Burnett

Lloyd Burnett is a San Diego based life coach, spiritual teacher, and writer. He is the author of The Voice Inside Your Head: How to Use Your Mind to Instantly Create Financial Security & Attract Money.

He offers free trainings on how to harness the power of your fear and limiting beliefs so that you can effortlessly manifest financial security, deep love, and success. Check out his latest free training on Clearing Blocks & Manifesting Money, Love & Success.