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7 Signs You're Living Your Truth

Lauren Stahl
Lauren Stahl
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It takes courage to be the person you really are. There's no magic pill or solution to make this to happen, especially in a world that constantly sends you messages about who you should be. All of this talk takes you away from being true to yourself. It leads you to live the life you think others want you to have.

This way of living takes you away from authenticity and truth. You ignore your desires and stuff down what you truly want to do or the person you really want to be.

Thinking you can fulfill your obligations first, then pursue your dreams, is an illusion. It may seem to be the best option sometimes, but this way of viewing the world diminishes your value and power over the long run.

It's never too late to start embracing what it means to be your true self. Here are seven signs you're embracing and living your truth:

1. You feel balanced.

Life is going to throw lemons your way. There will be disappointments, pain, death and broken hearts. Knowing that you're anchored and have a foundation regardless of what happens is a sign of truth and a sign of balance.

2. You aren't looking to be completed.

When you're being true to yourself, you are whole and complete. There's no need to search for someone else to do this for you. The more you look to be completed, the more you weaken the sense of completeness you have within.

3. Outside validation isn't your only source of validation.

Being true to yourself means your main source of validation is from within. Sure, outside validation feels good, but it should not be your only source of validation. The more it is, the more you lower your sense of self.

4. You're not dependent on others to feel good about yourself.

Living in your truth means your relationships with others are about respect. They bring out the light and love within. It means you aren't dependent on those relationships to feel good about yourself.

5. You don't feel guilty speaking your truth.

The reality is that you're not going to appease everyone. It's an illusion to think you are. Being honest and truthful about communicating with others is where there is lasting fulfillment and you embrace what living your truth really means.

6. You don't take everything personally.

It can be easy to take what others say and do personally. This can get you in a negative head space where you overcompensate and ultimately aren't being true to yourself. By being true to yourself, you trust in your actions and your choices. You realize that what others do has to do with them, not you.

7. You believe you're more than your job, relationship, weight or financial status.

Your value is innately within you. When you are being true to yourself, the externals don't define you. You realize you are more than what you have. You believe you are whole.

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Lauren Stahl

Lauren Stahl is the founder of SPARKITE, an online interface that empowers and inspires users to work towards their goals with added support and accountability. She coaches people around the world, is a professional speaker, and believes that you can live the life you desire. You can learn more about Lauren and SPARKITE here.