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November 9, 2014

The world has a lot to offer, and it's common for people to wonder if they're making the right choices. The concept of purpose may feel elusive for some, but rest assured that we each have at least one.

Knowing your purpose relieves much of this tension, but it's not foolproof. Questions may still remain. We all want to know that we're headed in the right direction, so here are a few signs that you're on a purposeful journey.

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1. You're scared.

Even when convinced of your reason for being, having fear is commonplace. It may range from mild butterflies to gripping fright. Keep in mind that being afraid is normal whenever you're about to venture outside of your comfort zone. This only indicates you're about to expand your sense of who you are.

Accept that fear will be a part of the growth process. You don't get to be comfortable during periods of significant growth. Fear will often be your companion, but you don't have to let it be your reluctant and inhibitory guide.

2. Your friend circle is changing.

Sometimes, where you're headed needs you to go beyond who you've been. A natural part of this required growth is the loss of old acquaintances. Not everyone wants to excel nor is equipped to grow with you simultaneously. Your purpose may not be able to wait for others to catch up. If they're meant to accompany you, they will do so or will meet you further ahead on the path.

3. Opportunity seemingly comes out of nowhere.

While following your purpose, life often presents you with synchronous events. No amount of calculated planning could result in the things that come your way. You make quantum leaps without having to take the steps in between.

4. The puzzle starts to make sense.

You find that past experiences that once seemed frivolous come into play in a way you may not have imagined. Whether it's a strange skill you acquired or some random stranger from the past, the pieces that never seemed to fit now become an integral part of the picture.

5. You rely heavily on your intuition.

As you follow your path, you begin to trust your intuition more and more. You become increasingly aware that other forces are at work. Though logic is always of importance, you leave room for your gut feeling which is increasing in intensity. You start to trust the process.

6. You experience joyful exhaustion.

Efforts without a sense of meaning are draining, but not all effort has to be a struggle. When something feels in line with your life's calling, there's a deep contentment that comes with the exhaustion. There's a feeling that everything is worth it in the end. You're able to access that sense of accomplishment in the midst of your efforts.

7. You feel light.

In your quiet moments, the times between actions, you have a lightness of being. You're not burdened with existential anxiety. You may be preoccupied with how you're going to achieve your dreams, but you're not obsessively trying to figure out what they are.

As these signs illustrate, living with purpose comes with victories and challenges. Even when you've identified it, there's no guarantee of a smooth ride.

Purpose may expand and evolve or completely change during a lifetime. As a result, these signs may make several reappearances. Just remember that you're prepared to handle whatever life throws at you. Rest assured that it will be relevant to the next way your purpose chooses to unfold.

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F. Emelia Sam, DDS
F. Emelia Sam, DDS
founder of 360SOUL

F. Emelia Sam, DDS, is known as the soul-centered scribe. Trained in oral & maxillofacial surgery, she realized her profession didn't quite match up with her true calling. Compelled to mend "broken" spirits rather than broken bones, she has authored personal development books including I Haven’t Found Myself but I’m Still Looking. Her numerous articles have been featured on Huffington Post Women and GPS for the Soul. Her 360SOUL community explores life from a soul-centered perspective, yet emphasizes spirituality which is usable in the real world. CLICK HERE for your complimentary SOUL INFUSION KIT which includes a copy of How to Create the Life You Really Want: 20 Small Strategies for Big Changes along with other soulful bonuses. Be reminded of the life you deserve.